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Perks of Partnering with a Magento Solution Partner like Ziffity

Execution of Magento quality standards

Our Magento partner status is acquired based on our exceptional execution of Magento’s high quality standards. By choosing an official partner like Ziffity, get the results that matter to you while adhering to Magento standards.

Strategy-driven approach

Attain your business success with strategy thinking of Magento partners which ‘non-Magento’ partners can’t. As a US-based Our experience gained from numerous enterprise and community implementations are here to propel your ROI.

Continuous training

Our experienced professional constantly train themselves with onsite as well as product training courses to enrich their knowledge. The insights gained from training courses are fully utilized when devising solutions for the client’s needs.

Quick Learning and Adaptation

To stay up to date is of paramount importance and as a Magento partner, our experts strive to learn training courses of Magento continuously and adapt them in client projects, which ensures fast-laned productivity and quicker turnaround time.

Focus on Customer Lifecycle

Be prepared for a greater success with a partner accessing Magento ecosystem’s full power. Unlike outsourcing, when you team up with a Magento partner, the entire focus is on providing an end-to-end solution that focuses on customer journey and beyond.

Technical Support

As US based Magento partners, we have full access to Magento’s customer support team which means that issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal delay. With more than 3000 consulting firms who already enjoy this CMS platform, you can’t go wrong with Magento!

You can partner with us because we already have, with Magento.

  • High-quality code that adheres to Magento’s coding standards
  • Development strategies that chisel ideas into successful business models
  • Applying in-depth Magento insights for devising smart solutions
  • Implementing the latest in Magento to tackle evolving eCommerce
  • End-to-end solution that focuses on customer journey and beyond
  • Round-the-clock support to resolve issues with minimal delay

Easy evaluation pointers to hire Magento developers

Magento certification

Hiring a developer with Magento certification is a great advantage for a developer because it ensures strict adherence to best practices, the know-how of features and functionalities of the CMS platform.

Projects exposure

Developers who have worked on challenging projects with tight deadlines must have gathered great insights and expertise. This could also mean that they are aware of feature-differences between Magento versions like Enterprise, Community and how to use them extensively.

Industry relevance

Go through the websites in the developer’s portfolio and check if it is relevant to your industry. The more relevant the developer’s experience to your industry, the less will be the turnaround time to understand and implement the requirements and have easy workarounds to tough challenges.

Our Magento Expertise In Numbers

We’re a team of technologists who have demonstrated expertise in delivering flawless Magento services on time with zero-bug quality.


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