Apache JMeter

Maximize Performance Testing Efficiency with Apache JMeter.

Apache JMeter is a flexible, reliable open-source automated testing tool built on Java. It’s designed to perform performance testing on both static and dynamic resources. It's also great for load balance testing, simulating heavy load to test the system’s performance and resilience.

While it was originally designed to test web apps alone, it’s since expanded to offer other test functionalities, including APIs.

As an open-source testing tool, JMeter offers a cost-effective alternative to many industry-standard tools; however, it's important to note that it comes with limited technical support.That’s why it’s important to work with experts like Ziffity to get the most out of the tool and the testing experience.

With Ziffity’s expertise in the use of Apache JMeter, you can get the most out of your application performance testing. Work with our team to better understand performance testing and select, optimize and use the right automated testing tool.

Apache JMeter Testing Services

Enhance your performance testing capabilities with Ziffity and Apache JMeter.

Performance Testing

Apache JMeter specializes in performance testing of web and other applications. Automated performance testing designed and executed by Ziffity using JMeter grants you valuable insights. JMeter performance testing lets you create sophisticated load profiles that closely match your expected load patterns. Automated performance testing compares these load profiles versus the peak expected load. Our testing services flag performance gaps, which can be corrected to improve customer experience.

Functional and Load Testing

Ziffity’s functional and load testing, powered by Apache JMeter, tests fine details of the application performance. It looks into specific aspects of app functioning under different use cases and requirements. We also test the application’s performance under various levels of load and demand, based on which the UI/UX can be tweaked and perfected.

Improve performance testing with the Apache JMeter experts.

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