Azure AI

Build powerful AI engines with Ziffity’s expertise and Azure AI.

Azure AI helps you build intelligent AI engines with frameworks, tools, and capabilities for developers and data scientists at all skill levels. It’s the most comprehensive portfolio of AI capabilities and out-of-the-box APIs on the market. This completely customizable family of tools helps developers create cutting-edge, market-ready, intelligent solutions, and gives you access to sophisticated AI models, including OpenAI models.

Azure AI services are the first to meet human benchmarks in speech, vision, and language, and are deployable from anywhere thanks to containers. While Azure AI is user-friendly, it requires technical expertise to use the right services to develop and deploy mission-critical AI solutions. In this complex landscape, having a Generative AI expert like Ziffity ensures seamless integration, advanced customization, and the harnessing of cutting-edge generative models to elevate your AI solutions.

It’s the age of artificial intelligence, but the wrong tools - or the right ones, used wrong - can set your AI solutions back. Allow Ziffity to help you get the most out of Azure AI’s tools, frameworks and models.

AI development services with Azure AI

Develop smart tools more easily with Ziffity and Azure AI.

Prompt Flow

Build enterprise-ready AI-powered applications with Azure Prompt Flow. Ziffity can help you leverage the streamlined development model that Prompt Flow facilitates to ideate, build, collaborate, iterate, test, and deploy flows to create robust AI applications.

Azure AI Studio

Build AI solutions that are compliant and secured with Azure AI Studio. As your Azure AI implementation partner, we enable you to build AI-powered solutions (bots, assistants) for your business and customers faster using pre-built, customizable, and scalable AI models.

Azure Machine Learning

Your foundation for building machine learning models starts here. Using Azure's machine learning framework, Ziffity can help you build customized machine learning models that can be trained, deployed faster, and managed collaboratively.

Microsoft Fabric

Establish a single point of control for your data. Microsoft Fabrics enables your business to manage data end-to-end, from comprehending your analytics into actionable insights to creating a central hub to store, govern, and share data with utmost security.

Build customized AI solutions to meet your requirements, faster with Ziffity and Azure AI.

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