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Tech Stack

  • Dialogflow API
  • NodeJs
  • Websockets

The go-to brand for car servicing and branded
automobile parts shopping

Our client is a car care service provider with service centers in over 1,000 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. The brand provides timely and quality service through its 9,000 service bays. The brand provides mobile car servicing and towing services and offers a wide range of radial tires for cars of all sizes.


Being a go-to brand for automobile parts and car tires, our client caters to thousands of user inquiries every day.

The brand wanted to simplify the process of finding the right car tire for its users and also lessen the support team’s time and effort required to respond to the queries.

The brand was looking for Artificial Intelligence experts to build a mechanism that can automate responses for most frequently asked user inquiries.


AI Chatbot

Based on the brand's requirements, Ziffity’s AI experts decided to build an AI-powered chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow. The platform enables building conversational UI on the web, mobile, and smart speakers like Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.

Chatbot Script

As per the learnings from the discovery phase, the brand had its users frequent their support team for tire recommendations and to find the nearby store. Based on this understanding, Ziffity started building a workflow for the ‘Product Finder’ and ‘Store Finder’ use cases.

Chatbot Development

To make the chatbot more effective in understanding the different search phrases used by customers, team Ziffity created multiple intents for finding products and stores. Ziffity also determined the entities and context to make the interactions sound more natural.

Attributes-based Inputs

For tire recommendations, Zififty built the chatbot to ask for inputs like 'year', 'make', 'model', 'engine' and so on. Attributes like the tire size and drive type were also included for the chatbot to come up with appropriate recommendations.

Chatbot Integration

Ziffity integrated the chatbot with Magento API. Based on the inputs and the attribute data received through the chatbot, the API connects with the eCommerce backend to choose the product that best matches the criteria.

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