Product Engineering

Ziffity’s product engineering solutions aim at building high-octane SaaS products and enterprise-grade applications. Our services focus on developing new and re-engineering current products with a commitment to achieve high maintainability, scalability, and security. We build products that can accommodate rapid innovation and refinements to keep up with the evolving market trends and user expectations.

Our Approach Towards Engineering Enterprise-grade Products

Our product development incorporates scrum, agile-based and MVP (minimum viable product)-based approach. From consulting to post-delivery support, our development approach encompasses everything you need to bring your product to market.

Scrum, Agile-based Approach

Our scrum, agile-based approach deploys self-organizing, cross-functional teams responsible for the project progress through a series of sprints. Our team completes a specific set of product features at the end of each Scrum sprint. Finally, all the features are coded, tested, and then integrated into the evolving product.

MVP Model (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP is a pre-release version of a new product that allows a team to get the feedback of customers with the least effort. Our MVP includes delightful, usable, valuable, and feasible features and consists of three core elements: idea, code, and data with which the teams build, measure, and learn to enrich the product continuously.


We engineer products with high scalability to take on the demands of fast-growing businesses. Be it a sudden increase in user base, a spike in traffic, or adding new modules; your applications can handle any level of heaviness and scale adaptively with zero downtime.


We make product maintenance simple for heavy-duty software products and complex inter-organizational applications. With the right technologies, tools, and strategies, we help enterprises move on with their rapid expansion plans and customer acquisition roadmaps.


Our prior experience in building crucial components of SaaS systems like tenant provisioning, metering, user management, access permissions, custom fields, workflows, and configuration capabilities help in building new and refining your existing multi-tenant SaaS systems in quick turnaround time.


We achieve high quality in our software products by ensuring safety, privacy, and security in every data action. We adhere to the best practices as our technical resources undergo extensive training that enhances their security knowledge thereby offering high product security.

Product Development Lifecycle


The discovery phase focuses on identifying business objectives and market positioning. Based on these inputs, we prepare detailed project scope, delivery timeline, identify technology stack and resources required. At the end of this phase, our team structures a clear roadmap for a seamless development process.


To provide unique and memorable user experiences, our designers come up with media-rich user communication theme that reflects the brand’s story. With smooth animations and seamless transitions between interfaces among other design essentials, our UI/UX design appeals to users and derives desired actions.


We fragment project scopes into scrums and deploy technical experts to get things done on time. With longevity and future-readiness as our top priority, we develop applications that are agile, scalable, secure, and performance-driven. Our experts strictly adhere to coding standards and industry best practices.


At every development cycle, our quality assurance engineers perform API testing, Usability testing, Functional testing, Regression testing and more. Our testing processes help detect existing code issues, technical glitches and also foresee possible challenges to make sure your products are flawless.


Our comprehensive support plans involve two teams – ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Support.’ While the roadmap team caters towards requirements in the pipeline and future enhancements, our support team takes care of post-delivery support and technical assistance through ticketing systems.


With our DevOps team in action, we build products, roll out features, and perform version upgrades faster. Our DevOps expertise helps in automating testing processes, reducing deployment failures, enabling frequent code releases and simultaneously improving code quality.

Why Choose Ziffity ?

Ziffity has multi-industry expertise in delivering innovative software products. Our elicitation techniques and data-driven approach help chalk out the most suitable game plan that aligns with the stakeholders’ expectations. Our in-house talent comprises of domain experts fostered in innovative work culture. Our flat hierarchy facilitates the teams for open interactions, and higher productivity thereby achieving on-time delivery.

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