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A leader in the cookie industry since 1912

Oreo is one of the world-renowned and loved cookie brands with a rich legacy of 110+ years in the market. The brand is now owned by a global snack brand, Mondelez, which has a market in 150+ countries and operations in 80+ countries.


Oreo was not getting the value out of its existing Adobe Commerce partner agency. The lack of ability to identify areas of improvement and not being proactive in gearing up the site to take on challenges resulted in a struggling growth graph.

The cookie brand has relied on Adobe Commerce as its eCommerce platform to power its online store. The brand was looking for a dedicated Adobe Commerce managed services provider to offload responsibilities like support, maintenance, and rolling out new features to the market.


Adobe Commerce Managed Services

A dedicated managed services team of Ziffity takes care of areas like version upgrades, integrations, module customizations, and more.

Version Upgrade

The online store, which was running on an older version of Adobe Commerce 2, was upgraded to 2.4.x. The upgrade helps the brand harness the heightened security, faster performance, and other handy improvements that come with the new version.

Custom Modules

To enhance the storefront experience for shoppers, the brand added 20+ third-party modules for functionalities like payments, fulfillment, user login, and so on. As a managed services partner, Ziffity takes care of the maintenance, upgrades, and customization of these extensions, ensuring the front-end experience is flawless across the website.

Performance Optimization

The eCommerce store had loads of products, configuration options, and millions of customers frequenting to make purchases. To render a zippy storefront experience, the brand wanted to improve its loading time. Ziffity’s Magento speed optimization experts converted videos across the website to GIFs to significantly reduce loading time.

Marketplace Integration

The brand wanted to cater to its growing demands by extending product availability across multiple digital sales channels. Ziffity’s Magento marketplace integration team helped the brand integrate Amazon and Walmart marketplaces with the eCommerce store.

Ziffity overcame the challenges involved in order synchronization and optimized product information to make product syndication across multiple marketplaces a breeze.

Third-party Systems Integration

The brand had a choice of third-party systems for operations. Ziffity’s Magento integration experts integrated ERP, marketing, customer support, and customer experience management systems with the Magento store.

Cookie Configurator

The 'Product Configurator', one of the key features that allow users to customize their Oreo cookie, needed a revamp. Ziffity's designers and Magento UI developers leveraged the 'Bundled product' type support of Magento and improvised design and functionalities. The configurator was also given additional features like the capability for users to upload custom images to be added to the cookie.

Shopping Cart UI Enhancements

Ziffity built a mini-cart feature that shows the summary of products added to the cart while users continue to search the store for more products to add. Built using AJAX, the mini-cart gets updated faster with minimal impact on the overall loading speed. Besides serving as a quick reference of products in the cart, users can also change order quantity and attributes of configurable products.

Checkout UI Enhancements

To ensure a fast checkout experience, the brand wanted to make the checkout as simple as possible. Team Ziffity provided the checkout with auto-suggest options for address and auto-fill options for city, state, and zip codes.

Shipping Features

The brand wanted to encourage users with a free shipping option to improve orders and increase AOV (Average Order Value). Ziffity built a mechanism that provides free shipping for orders that meet a specific order value determined by the brand.

Corporate Gifting

The brand wanted to facilitate a quick and easy purchase experience for customers who order customized products in bulk. Ziffity’s Magento developers built a feature that enables Oreo’s executives to prepare a consolidated order for the products ordered by customers offline. The fulfillment team can email a quick link to customers allowing them to check out in a single click making the transaction speedy.

Social Media Tracking

With a massive fanbase on social media, catching up with the users’ interactions on such thriving platforms is one of the priorities for the brand. To keep track of user activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok, team Ziffity enabled Google Analytics tracking.

This enabled the brand to stay updated on key interactions like views, add to cart, clicks, checkout, and more. With this intelligence, the brand was able to conceptualize, implement, manage, and re-strategize marketing campaigns.


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