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Minimize errors with Selenium's automated testing.

Testing and quality assurance are critical to creating a strong web application experience. If you’ve ever tried to undertake manual testing, you know just how difficult manual functional testing can be. Automation can reduce or even eliminate manual errors, plugging almost all gaps in your testing process.

Selenium, as an open-source tool for automated testing, is well-placed to test web applications across browsers. It’s a proven, accurate and reliable tool. It’s also extremely flexible, supporting a wide range of popular programming languages and browsers.

You can safely depend on Selenium, and as it’s an open-source tool, you may even be able to get started without too many cost or technical skill barriers. However, the flip side is that it doesn’t come with reliable tech support. That’s why you need an expert with experience working with the tool and getting the most out of its various add-ons. Like Ziffity.

Our team of experts has significant experience using this tool to test and quality-check web applications of various sizes and with diverse purposes. Talk to our team to learn more about how Selenium can improve the quality and performance of your web application.

Ziffity’s Apache JMeter

UI Testing

The UI/UX is the first impression your web application makes on the user. Automated testing by Selenium helps you identify gaps and design a user-friendly UI/UX that’s accessible to all users. With years of experience working with web apps of all kinds, our experts at Ziffity offer automated UI testing that contributes to a seamless user experience.

Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing ensures that your web app is designed and performs to suit your specific target group. At Ziffity, we use Selenium to automate UAT and optimize your testing process. As part of acceptance testing, we understand your audience, create a diverse range of use cases, and analyze them to deliver a user experience that works for them.

Performance Testing

How does your application work under stress? We use industry-standard tools such as Selenium to automate performance testing and deliver great customer experience under all circumstances. This includes optimization of app speed, scalability and responsiveness even during peak traffic or slow user internet connectivity.

Data Mining & Insights

With automated testing by Selenium, Ziffity can help you improve test data management, minimizing the time to manage and clean up test data. We help you process this data to deliver reports and assess the application, as well as analyze test automation frameworks. These reports can help generate valuable insights into the app’s functioning and health over a period of time.

Optimize testing automation with the Selenium experts.

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