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Forecast the maximum potential of your PPC campaigns with PPC Lite.

Pay-per-click campaigns yield quicker results. However, it's essential to be mindful of the potential risks, like overspending and fewer leads. A PPC conversion calculator can save your investment and time.

Ziffity's 'PPC Lite' can tell you the maximum potential your ads can reach by generating results based on the budget you want to work with. It eliminates the effort of manually providing a long list of details or subscribing to expensive premium tools to determine your campaign's effectiveness.

This is just the start. While our conversion calculator gives you a bird's-eye-view of the budget and expected results, our digital marketing experts can break it down into finer details and sketch a roadmap to achieve the intended outcomes.

If you are a business owner new to PPC campaigns or looking to better your existing ones, get started immediately.

Realize the full potential of your pay-per-click campaigns

Projections in Advance

Know the key projections of your campaign beforehand. You’ll get the ideal conversion for your budget, the impressions required to yield the conversions, and much more.

Campaign Ideation

With the ideal target, we help you create campaigns and distribute the budget appropriately. This ensures you achieve the intended results and don’t overspend.

Performance Optimization

Our conversion calculator gives you an edge, and we can help you improvise. We add value by leveraging the data to create, execute, and manage campaigns. We finetune keywords, diversify ad groups to improve CTR, and optimize campaign performance.

Scale Up

With more insights, we introduce new ad copies and test them with the best-performing ones to keep improving your campaign. This enables you to scale up the budget to achieve more ROI on the go.

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