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One of the leading makers of Massage Tables
and supplies in the U.S.A

Earthlite, a company established in 1987, is focused on providing high-quality professional massage tables and spa essentials. Earthlite is the world's most trusted brand, favored by massage professionals, chiropractors, spas and medical facilities, and personal trainers. Headquartered in sunny California, Earthlite is a global company with facilities on three continents.


Facing increased competition and evolving consumer preferences, Earthlite wanted to strengthen its online presence and eCommerce capabilities.

The brand was looking to expand its market presence and wanted a digital marketing partner to devise a go-to-market strategy for specific international markets.

Earthlite wanted to drive more targeted traffic to their website, improve conversion rate, maximize return on PPC campaign spend, enhance search engine results, and boost sales.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Under the on-page strategy, Ziffity optimized website content, meta tags, and URL structure. Ziffity also sketched a backlink strategy to enhance the store’s domain authority.

Content Marketing

Blogs - Ziffity created a content strategy that included introducing blogs related to the brand’s product offerings. The blogs were categorized under topics like wellness tips, massage techniques, and the latest industry insights, which served as a value-add and helped customers choose the right products.

Videos - Ziffity complemented the product detail pages with instructional and demo videos to show how they can be leveraged.

Social Media Marketing

To popularize the brand on social media and build a loyal social community, team Ziffity planned and actively managed social media profiles for the brand on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ziffity built a social media calendar to engage customers and attract more audiences regularly.

Email Marketing

To provide a personalized one-to-one engagement with customers based on their preferences and purchase history, team Ziffity leveraged email campaigns. The email campaign nurtured customer relationships and kept customers informed about exclusive offers and new product launches.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

To acquire traffic and leads faster, Ziffity’s PPC experts launched targeted pay-per-click campaigns with visually appealing creatives and optimized keywords on Google Ads and social platforms.

Check out the detailed breakdown of our SEM campaign below which earned the brand significant success on ROI, customer acquisition and traffic.

Keyword Research and Ad Campaign

Ziffity researched high-value keywords and developed a campaign with ad groups focused on specific product categories. Compelling ad copies were created and customized for each group, highlighting Earthlite's unique selling propositions.

Landing Page and Ad Optimization

Ziffity optimized landing pages, placing clear call-to-action buttons appropriately to improve conversion rates. Ad extensions were implemented to provide additional information and encourage clicks.

Bid Management

To optimize budget and get maximum ROI out of the spend, Ziffity took a strategic bid management approach, adjusting bids based on performance metrics and competition to maximize visibility within budget constraints.

Remarketing Campaign

To convert audiences who have visited the site but did not make a purchase, Ziffity launched a remarketing campaign. With meticulously curated ad copies and messaging, the remarketing ads enabled the brand to convert lost visitors into customers.

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