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Our team of experts can provide you an effective DevOps implementation strategy with iterative and incremental development, workload management on-demand, lightweight architecture, automated testing, and security. At Ziffity we use modern DevOps tools to automate the infrastructure to achieve fast-paced development and quick time-to-market of the product. We combine both cloud and DevOps to ensure the right infrastructure and optimal development cycle for your product development.

How Devops Bridges The Gap Between Developers And It Operations?

Continuous Software Delivery

DevOps is grounded on a continuous & automated software delivery process that aligns efforts of Development & Operational teams towards a single time-bound goal. This minimizes resource wastage, maximizes productivity & ensures faster releases.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous quality assurance in production-like environments and tight collaboration of cross-functional teams help drive innovation. Application status and error-fixing are done at an incremental rate which results in stable releases.

Continuous Testing

Run your operations without the nightmare of bugs that hurt customer experience or hamper productivity. DevOps follows an integrated testing process that features several built-in checks at all stages, right from the first sprint until launch.

Breaks Down Silos

Set up a culture of collaboration by breaking down the organizational barriers between Development, Operations & Quality Assurance. Bring all stakeholders on the same page where efforts are directed towards the same objectives & priorities.

Stable Operating Environments

DevOps follows an integrated testing process which helps in the reduction of potential errors and defects – ensuring a stable release. Consequently, your business will have fewer downtimes compared to a traditional IT framework.

Agile Adoption

DevOps services help gain the advantages of quick-to-market software delivery that can be incrementally developed at reduced costs. The agile approach will facilitate quicker responses to changes inspired by user preferences or market scenarios.

Our Ingredients For A Successful Devops Implementation

Infrastructure Management

Our experts take care of setting up the essential server infrastructure components that facilitate your entire DevOps services. We prepare a highly responsive infrastructure that suits DevOps operations by creating server instances, setting up CDN and cache systems, automating fleet management and more.

Environment Management

Our experts help in provisioning the environments required for development, testing, and production processes. This approach not only allows developers and quality analysts to build, test and deploy codes but also do the same for the underlying application environments.


CI/CD helps in delivering your codes to end-users with quality. Continuous integration begins with pushing the code in the delivery pipeline, where it is compiled, analyzed, tested at several stages, and made ready for deployment. The codes are then moved to the production environment using the automation process.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is making every segment of a larger code base release-ready so that an application need not be halted to bring minor changes into effect. So, rolling out frequent updates and running the operations smoothly without application breakdowns and downtimes becomes painless.

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor every aspect of the application. Continuous monitoring helps identify areas that might need finetuning for better performance. We help you identify security threats and also find out opportunities for automation in the development process for improving productivity.

Devops Tools

By analyzing the requirements of your DevOps project, our experts can quickly recommend the tools that should be a part of it. From automated build and testing tools to performance monitoring platforms, we identify appropriate tools and also handle the setup and configuration part.

Cloud + Devops – Higher Scalability Fueling Faster Innovation

We combine our AWS cloud expertise with DevOps to provide the right infrastructure and tools that help your software development cycle at various stages. Our cloud experts can offer the right technology stack on-demand for developers to build sophisticated applications and configure them. With advanced cloud tools, we enable DevOps engineers to build and bring down test environments to conduct successful automated test runs and provide additional infrastructures that software applications need during the deployment stage. Our Cloud-DevOps services extend to post-deployment support like monitoring application health, infrastructure performance, and more.

Why Choose Ziffity?

Ziffity’s multi-industry experience from completing many DevOps consulting, implementation and automation projects can help devise the best DevOps strategy for you. Our DevOps service experts have the right talent, use the latest DevOps tools and adopt the industry best practices that yield significant results.

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