US Electrical – Cloud

Implement 14 eCommerce website on Adobe Commerce (Magento).

14 websites

Integrated into a single
Magento instance

11 Brands

A fully integrated system
in 9 months


features implemented


third-party systems

One-click deployment

via continuous deployment
and integration

0 downtime

achieved during development




Tech Stack

  • Custom JS
  • Route53
  • CloudFront (CDN)
  • Load Balancer
  • Caching Server
  • Internal Load Balancer
  • Magento backend server
  • ElastiCache
  • AWS Certificate Manager

USA’s 3rd top electrical distributor

USESI is a 44-year-old electrical supply giant in the U.S.A's wholesale electrical components distribution market. USESI holds 14 subsidiary brands located at different locations and caters to a diverse customer base which includes electricians, contractors, corporate clients, architects, engineers, and lighting designers.

The company enjoys a wide distribution network and strong local presence making it one of the most sought-after brands in the U.S. market.


USESI was on a legacy platform and was looking to move to a flexible and robust eCommerce platform that can support customization specific to their business. The team zeroed in on Magento to power the brand’s omnichannel vision.

USESI wanted to add features to the website that could expand sales channels, improve customer experience and strengthen its digital footprint. The brand wanted its existing customers to adopt digital buying and increase new customer acquisitions through online channels.

The client did not want any downtime when the system updates occur.

USESI was looking for a reliable partner that had the technical know-how to bring out the best in Magento and establish a truly digital ecosystem.


AWS Implementation

Implemented the infrastructure operating on a legacy system to AWS to achieve better eCommerce capabilities.


Continuous integration and deployment helped reduce the application release time, also helped in single-touch deployment. Rolling out new features during the business hours was seamless and with zero downtime.

Complex eCommerce Logic

Built highly optimized modules to enable customer segmentation, multiple shipping parameters, and real-time tax calculations.

Performance Optimization

With Ziffity’s optimization best practices and caching techniques, we helped the store achieve a loading time of under 3 seconds.

Third-party Integrations

Integrated 10+ third-party systems, including Search, ERP, Product Information Management system, etc., to complement the business architecture.

Mobile Commerce

A hybrid app that works on iOS and Android devices helped take full advantage of the growing mobile commerce audience.

Amazon Integration

The eCommerce store was also integrated with the Amazon marketplace, thus positioning them among a pool of competitors and audiences from different regions.

Security Solutions

  • Ziffity implemented business specific Identity Access Management (IAM) policies and rules defined based on various departments.
  • Recommended and integrated AWS Marketplace WAF (Web Application Firewall).
  • Recommended AWS Lambda functions to set the rate limiting, blocking by countries / IPs.
  • End to end SSL certificate offloaded for multi-domain.
  • Customized EC2 containers used for lower environments to avoid data leaks.
  • Continuous auditing performed in the AWS organization account periodically.

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