About Us

We are a New Age Digital Agency focused on serving the connected world using Technology, Design and e-Marketing services.

Our solutions include Experience Design [Web/Mobile], B2b/B2c eCommerce, Virtual & Augmented reality, AI Chat Bots, Predictive Analytics, Big data, Product re-engineering, Managed Services, DevOps and Brand activation through Digital Marketing.

Our goal, our culture, our process, our thinking and our people are all aligned with providing fast-paced Digital Transformation solutions. These solutions are driven by our deep knowledge, proprietary tools and passion to make a difference for our customers.

Our Vision

To be the number ONE Customer-Centric Company in the digital solutions space.

This vision of ours will mean that we CONSTANTLY think about better and creative ways to solve our customer’s problems and help them achieve their digital goals. That’s why we prefer making partnerships over deals and establish a long-term relationships with our clients.


Our visionaries who lead the charge in our digital innovation.

Ziffity’s Culture

We perceive a strong corporate culture as a competitive advantage

People who have a burning passion to go beyond the ordinary and create stuff that raises the standards for all. We have eyes on the sky and feet on the ground. We dream big, work harder and celebrate even harder. We have a startup culture that borders on insanity. No beers though. But, there is always enough exciting stuff to keep you in high spirits all day long.

Job titles don’t matter, work does. Perform, Measure, Learn, Repeat is our war cry. At Ziffity, we love to get our hands dirty doing real work. That’s why we seek passionate coaches over people managers and prefer ability over years of experience.

At Ziffity, learning never comes to a standstill. We have a dedicated Learning & Development team that recommends learning resources on a regular basis. Our environment happily welcomes anyone to know what’s others’ business is and this is how we learn beyond limits.

Our core values that define our everyday life at Ziffity

Sniper-focus on customer-centricity

Obsession keeps us focused and going on and on. We’ve fallen head over heels with our mission of becoming the No 1 customer-centric company in the digital solutions space. We think and operate towards achieving this goal.

Get things done

We don’t let excuses get the better of us. For every bottleneck, there is a way around it. We don’t think out of the box, we think like there is NO BOX AT ALL!. And that’s how we roll.

Hire character, train skills

We look to bring in people who are humble, honest, and adaptable. We believe that a person with character and right attitude can be taken to new altitudes of performance with training.

A team that beats with one heart

All Ziffitians follow the thumb rule that no individual is bigger than the next person. Teamwork is a way of living at Ziffity. ‘No boss, no control, total freedom’ is the culture motto of our company.

We move fast & break things

We risk making changes even if it disrupts our own rhythm. Our people don’t fear being misunderstood while speaking up about an idea. There is equal opportunity for everybody to help us do something better than the best.

We believe data has life

In God we trust, everybody else must bring data. We analyze, decide, act and improvise on-the-go based on data. When we run short of data, we go by our intuition. While deciding we go by our priority rules which are favoring team over individual, the company over the team and customer over our company.

It might be anything you want to tell us about. Drop us a line and let’s take it from there.

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