Test Automation Services

Minimize testing time and lower costs with test automation.

Move to the faster way of getting your enterprise-grade applications and business systems ready for the market. Test automation services from Ziffity enable you to simplify the process of validating your apps through automation and keep up the promise of delivering safe and easy-to-use apps to your customers.

Ziffity brings the question of resilience into play in the Quality Engineering lifecycle itself by using automation, data management, and insights. We focus on quality assurance right from the early stages of development. Hence, we have aligned test automation as an integral part of the initial sprints. Be it entirely or partially moving to test automation; we can cater our services based on your requirements.

Ziffity’s test automation services

Automate and speed up testing for faster results.


In-sprint automation

For growth-oriented enterprises, the transition from legacy quality assurance that relied on throwing testers at a problem; to intelligent automation spells more confidence in reliability. We continuously test your mobile and web applications in DevOps and agile environments, using automated pipelines and notification mechanisms across various channels. In fact, with Ziffity, this is the first step in the development lifecycle as a part of sprint zero.

Automated Business Process Testing

Our business process-aligned automation uses industry-specific tools to aid in the automated generation of test cases. We then prioritize the order of test cases for test automation. We ensure the test cases comprehensively cover your entire business process, including cross-functional layers and multiple applications and systems.

Test Data Management

Streamline test data management (TDM) to minimize the time involved in managing test data and improve test coverage. Ziffity’s Automation Testing engineers dive deep into your applications and analyze the characteristics of the data they handle to auto-generate test data. We generate test data using industry-standard tools, maintain their historicity, and also employ compliance solutions to clean them of PII, PHI.

Quality Insights

Check the success of your test automation framework by taking a closer look at Test Automation Reporting. With automation, and prescribed test data models, comes the possibility of insights into the application's functions over time. This data is invaluable in getting to know the application's health and providing resilience to complex systems. .

Simplify testing complexities and with advanced test automation.

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