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Experts in providing liability insurance for
healthcare providers

NORCAL Group, now part of ProAssurance, specializes in providing a broad range of medical professional liability insurance solutions for doctors and healthcare service providers. The brand aims to secure physicians and medical practitioners against potential risks that could happen while providing medical attention or service. NORCAL Group provides specific insurance solutions based on medical professionals' specialty and the changing healthcare landscape.


Norcal Group wanted to perfect its IT ticketing system and create a streamlined workflow for the team to prioritize and resolve issues.

The brand chose ServiceNow as its ITSM (IT services management) system and wanted more experts to augment its in-house ServiceNow team.

Norcal Group also wanted to test the entire ITSM ecosystem to ensure security, identify bottlenecks, and iron out friction in the workflows.


Staff Augmentation

Norcal Group was looking for experts to join their in-house team and pull off ITSM initiatives at the intended time. Ziffity provided an ITSM expert who worked as an extended arm of the team, taking care of the issues arising while configuring ServiceNow for their specific needs.

Quality Assurance

Ziffity’s QA experts performed a thorough analysis of the security and functional elements like access permission in workflows, restrictions based on user hierarchy, and so on to ensure a secure collaborative environment for the IT team personnel.


Ziffity’s ServiceNow resource enabled the in-house team to implement ITSM. Following a phase-level approach, the team performed IT process analysis, strategy planning for long-term benefits, ITSM tool recommendation, and finally, implementation.

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