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Quality Assurance is evolving into an engineering practice with solutions focused on automation and reusability. Ensuring quality across business process and customer facing interfaces is essential for your business success. Our testing solution, TestEdge, gives you a headstart in your QA initiatives.

Our testing accelerator helps you check your application's technicalities, improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, and optimize cost right from your development phase. Our hands-on experience in industries such as eCommerce and retail enables us to comprehensively cover market-segment-specific use cases, even before the first line of code is written thus helping you to take on challenges and truly transform your business.

We also build test suites for specific customizations, extensions and third-party integration, providing comprehensive assurance for your business applications.

End-to-end Testing Solution

Simplify testing with TestEdge

Ziffity's TestEdge is a comprehensive solution designed to empower clients in optimizing and streamlining various aspects of their software testing processes. The accelerator offers a multifaceted approach to enhance business process testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), regression testing, performance testing, mobility testing, and more, ultimately ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products.

One of the key features of the accelerator is its automation capabilities. It allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming testing tasks, thereby significantly reducing testing cycles and accelerating the overall development life cycle.

The TestEdge facilitates end-to-end testing of critical workflows in business process testing, ensuring your applications function seamlessly across different business scenarios. This helps you identify and rectify potential bottlenecks, ensuring the robustness and reliability of software systems.

For user acceptance testing, TestEdge provides a set of predefined test cases, making it easier for businesses to validate that their software meets end-user expectations. It also works with test management tools to collect test data and report on the performance of the tests.

Moreover, the automated test cases that are part of the accelerator can be integrated with advanced tools and frameworks for performance testing, enabling you to assess the scalability and responsiveness of your applications under various load conditions. This ensures that the software can handle the expected user traffic without compromising performance.

In the realm of mobility testing, the accelerator’s automation scripts enable testing across different devices, platforms, and network conditions, ensuring a consistent and reliable user experience across diverse mobile environments.

By leveraging Ziffity TestEdge, clients can enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of their testing processes, ultimately delivering superior software products to the market.

Benefits of TestEdge


Reduction in
quality costs


Reduction in
testing effort


Reduction in
test planning


Reduction in
defect leakage

Ensure flawlessness of your business applications at a greater speed with TestEdge

Andrew Bouchard Director - Sales, US

Why Choose Ziffity?

Hands-on Industry Experience

Our testing team is driven by experts who are certified in market-leading application development platforms and have hands-on experience implementing various business models like B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and D2C.

Ensuring Compliance Standards

As a team with QA and platform-specific expertise, we ensure your business applications comply with the various web and industry standards on the whole and across several verticals.

Solutions for All Levels of Maturity

Be it a phase of migration, maintenance, upgrade, or implementation from the ground up, our QA solution can help you maintain top-notch quality to transition to the next level smoothly.

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