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Empower your business with data-driven decision making

Unravel analytical data that can transform your business. Ziffity’s Analytics Accelerator, BI Vision, enables you to deep-dive into data and turn them into actionable insights to solve your pressing challenges in improving ROI and inter-organizational efficiency.

The Ziffity Analytics Accelerator comes with a set of pre-built prototype dashboards for industries such as eCommerce, retail, leveraging Power BI. Our pre-built dashboards accelerate the requirements collection phase and give a head start in building your ideal analytical report system.

Ziffity’s Data and BI Solutions

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Analytical Requirements

With our pre-built prototypes, for specific industries like retail, we accelerate the requirements-gathering process. With our accelerator, we ease collection of requirements with stakeholders across departments like sales, marketing, supply chain, operations etc

Data Models

We prepare data models by mapping your requirements to data entities and data sources. We then create relationships between the entities using Power BI.

Populating Data

Considering the size of your data set, we choose between using the import or direct query option (SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle etc) to ensure the best performance for your reports and dashboards.

Managing Data Connections

With the help of PowerBI, we enable you to edit relationships (connections) between data entities and add new relationships, which form the base for creating reports and dashboards.

Building Reports and Dashboards

We leverage the recommended dashboard setting of PowerBI to deliver insights to your organization. We can also configure the out-of-the-box visualization templates and create custom templates to help you compare and understand metrics better.

Make more sense out of your business metrics and analytical data.

Andrew Bouchard Director - Sales, US

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Dynojet – Data and AI

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