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Unravel analytical data that can transform your business. Ziffity’s Analytics Accelerator, BI Vision, enables you to deep-dive into data and turn them into actionable insights to solve your pressing challenges in improving ROI and inter-organizational efficiency.

The Ziffity Analytics Accelerator comes with a set of pre-built prototype dashboards for industries such as eCommerce, retail, leveraging Power BI. Our pre-built dashboards accelerate the requirements collection phase and give a head start in building your ideal analytical report system.

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Our BI Vision accelerator, powered by Microsoft's Power BI, is crafted to expedite the analytical requirements-gathering process. Specifically tailored for industries such as retail, our pre-built prototypes serve as a catalyst in accelerating the alignment of analytical needs.

By leveraging our accelerator, you can seamlessly collect requirements from stakeholders across various departments, including sales, marketing, supply chain, and operations. This not only streamlines the requirements collection but also ensures a comprehensive understanding of analytical needs across the organization.

Our accelerator takes a proactive approach to data modeling by meticulously mapping your unique requirements to data entities and sources. Through a systematic process, we establish relationships between these entities within the Power BI environment, optimizing the platform's capabilities. This ensures a robust foundation for your analytics journey, allowing for a dynamic and cohesive representation of your data. Our expertise lies in crafting efficient data models that empower your organization to derive meaningful insights through Power BI's sophisticated capabilities.

Our BI Vision accelerator extends its impact to data population and connection management. Tailoring the data population strategy to the size of your dataset, we make informed decisions on utilizing import or direct query options, connecting seamlessly with SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, and more.

Furthermore, we enable businesses to take control of their data connections within Power BI. With the flexibility provided by Power BI, organizations can edit and create relationships between data entities, laying the groundwork for comprehensive and insightful reports and dashboards. Leveraging the recommended settings and customizable templates, our BI Vision accelerator ensures that your reports meet industry standards and provide a tailored and intuitive visualization of critical metrics, enhancing your decision-making processes.

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