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Accelerate digital growth with Ziffity's BigCommerce expertise.

Say 'Hi' to a comprehensive eCommerce platform loaded with all the essentials needed to set up a streamlined enterprise business.

BigCommerce bundles every technicality that should come together to build a fully functional eCommerce store like performance, integrated hosting, easy coding, frontend features, and backend capabilities.

Leveraging the platform's flexibility, you can amplify your eCommerce capabilities by connecting your store with key business, operational, and marketing systems like CRM, ERP, shipping, payment, and PIM. With the platform's headless commerce support, you can build intuitive and fast storefront experiences.

Combining our experience in eCommerce and BigCommerce and with our team of designers, developers, and project managers, we bring the digital aspirations of your enterprise business to life and ensure continuous growth.

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BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce Development

Build your eCommerce store from the ground up in weeks with BigCommerce’s SaaS advantage. Using the platform’s robust catalog structures and open APIs, we customize your store to tune it to your specific business needs, audience, and niche market.

BigCommerce Migration

BigCommerce Migration

BigCommerce Migration

Migrate to BigCommerce from enterprise-grade, SaaS, or custom eCommerce systems. Ziffity can stage a complete migration as quickly as the implementation. We also get your preferred third-party systems integrated, customize and recommend the exact counterparts of the built-in capabilities your previous platform has offered.

BigCommerce Integration Services

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

BigCommerce Integration Services

Extend the capabilities of your eCommerce store by integrating your choice of third-party systems with your BigCommerce store. We provide quick solutions to integrate the most sought-after ERP, CRM, fulfillment, payment, PIM, marketing, and analytics systems to help you enjoy the combined benefits of BigCommerce and third-party tools.

Partner with our team of experienced developers to build your BigCommerce store.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a fully-loaded, SaaS-based platform that has all the essentials needed to build a fully-functional eCommerce store. The platform covers key technicalities like security, performance, scalability, and integrated hosting, which accelerates your time to market.

Here are some of the key reasons to choose BigCommerce

  • Go to market before your competition
  • Lower your TCO with a built-in hosted solution
  • High scalability and 99.99% uptime
  • Save time through auto version and feature upgrades
  • Fortify your store with high security and PCI compliance
  • Attract and convert more with built-in SEO tools
  • Advanced analytics to track growing revenue
Does BigCommerce provide holistic solutions?

BigCommerce provides all the fundamental features required to go-to-market faster. The platform offers out-of-the-box hosting and features like advanced analytics, order management, inventory management, and SEO. You can also find free and premium extensions, top-notch security features, industry compliance, and more. BigCommerce’s integration capabilities ensure you can connect any third-party ERP, marketing, or management systems with your store.

Can BigCommerce help deliver consistency in an omnichannel environment?

BigCommerce offers omnichannel commerce support for you to sell on multiple digital sales channels. You can also integrate your POS and manage everything from a single backend console. The platform also supports GraphQL API enabling developers to build headless storefronts.

Can ERP systems be integrated with BigCommerce?

Yes, you can integrate any ERP system with BigCommerce. You can use third-party connectors to connect your store’s backend with ERP systems. We, Ziffity, are partners with eBridge, one of the leading third-party connector providers for BigCommerce.

Leveraging our partnership with eBridge, we can help you integrate popular ERPs like MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage, Epicor, Exact Macola, Intuit QuickBooks, SAP, and more. We can also get your store integrated with other ERPs like Brightpearl, Acumatica, Feedonomics, Fishbowl, and more.

Can we integrate BigCommerce with popular marketplaces?

Yes, your BigCommerce store can be integrated with the most sought-after marketplaces in the market like Amazon, eBay, etc. By default, BigCommerce is compatible with Amazon. You can publish products on Amazon and manage inventory from your BigCommerce backend console.

BigCommerce is also compatible with eBay as well. You need not do manual updates on inventory and orders as all the data is synced. Adding to this, you can reach out to more buyers on social platforms like Facebook shops, Google Merchant Center, Instagram, and more.

How does BigCommerce help in lowering your TCO?

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that comes with an integrated hosted solution. You need not pay for a cloud platform or a cloud-managed services provider. Being a SaaS platform, version upgrades, new feature rollouts, security enhancements, etc get automatically pushed to your store, which helps you save the developers' cost in getting them updated manually.

What’s the advantage of working with a BigCommerce partner?

As a BigCommerce partner, our developers have first-hand access to the latest improvements in the platform. Our developers follow the best practices and coding standards that result in flawless outcomes. As we are official partners, making the platform work well for your business is our responsibility. Our regular training and hands-on implementation practice enable us to devise smart and futuristic solutions like headless commerce, customization, integration, and so on.

How good is BigCommerce in terms of support?

Customer support is one of the promises packaged along with all BigCommerce plans. The platform provides support through a highly responsive customer happiness team. You can clear doubts about the platform, configuration, and so on. Regarding building custom features or tweaking the platform, the BigCommerce team will refer you to one of the official partners (like us) to help you get started.

What’s Ziffity’s development team look like?

We provide dedicated development teams for every BigCommerce project we handle. The team consists of developers, UI experts, business analysts, and a project lead.

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