Who They Are?

Dynojet is a pioneer in building performance-enhancing automobile components with almost five decades of market presence.

What They Needed?

Dynojet wanted to merge four of its brands under the parent brand name Dynojet and bolt in advanced eCommerce capabilities for its online store.

What Ziffity Did?


Leveraging advanced performance enhancement tools of Magento Commerce Cloud, Ziffity helped the store’s web pages to load under 2 seconds.

Data Management

The built-in data management capabilities of Magento 2 helped Dynojet manage thousands of product catalogs efficiently, ruling out its existing third-party PIM solution.

Integration And Data Migration

Integrated twenty-three third-party systems into the store and migrated data, including customer profiles, product reviews, and other site contents from the legacy system.

Custom Modules

Making use of Magento’s flexibility, Ziffity built 10 custom modules on Magento, helping the eCommerce store meet Dynojet’s every specific business requirement.

Seo Tasks

Our on-page optimization and SEO strategies resulted in a 100% increase in traffic and catapulted keyword rankings in search engine ranking pages.

Ui / Ux

Provided a completely refreshed UI and UX to improve the engagement quotient and exhibit the unified portfolio of four different brands without clutter.

How did they benefit?

  • <3 seconds load time.
  • 100% increase in revenue within 3 months of launch.
  • Significant increase in new user traffic.
  • 150% jump in ranked keywords.

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