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Automotive | Distribution and Manufacturing

Tech Stack

  • Cloud - Configuration, CDN, managed services
  • DevOps
  • Third-party ERP system
  • Third-party customer support system

Five-decade old automobile
performance components expert

Dynojet is an automobile performance components builder based out of Las Vegas that focuses on both on-road and off-road vehicles like cars, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and ATVs.

The brand, which has almost half a decade of market presence, has its products spread across four different online stores Dynojet.com, Powercommander.com, Dynojetwb2.com, and Dynojet Automotive and Powersports Dynamometers, Performance Fuel and Ignition Products | Dynojet.


The brand wanted to unify 4 different brands under the parent brand name Dynojet and build an online store that acts as a single repository for all the products offered by the brand in the market.

Replatforming - The brand wanted to migrate away from its legacy system built on .NET to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Integrate Adobe Commerce with a third-party ERP and other key systems.


Adobe Commerce Cloud Implementation

New implementation of Adobe Commerce Cloud alongside unifying 4 different online stores under a single eCommerce store.

Performance optimization

Leveraging advanced performance enhancement tools of Adobe Commerce Cloud, Ziffity helped the store’s web pages to load in under 2 seconds.

Data Management

The built-in data management capabilities of Adobe Commerce 2 helped Dynojet manage thousands of product catalogs efficiently, ruling out its existing third-party PIM solution.

Integration and data migration

Integrated 23 third-party systems into the store and migrated data, including customer profiles, product catalogs, reviews, and other contents from the legacy system.

Custom Modules

Using Adobe’s flexibility, Ziffity built 10 custom modules on Adobe Commerce, helping the eCommerce store meet Dynojet’s every specific business requirement.

Search Engine Optimization

Our on-page optimization and SEO strategies resulted in a 100% increase in traffic and catapulted keyword rankings in search engine ranking pages.


Provided a completely refreshed UI and UX to improve the engagement quotient and exhibit the unified portfolio of four different brands without clutter.


Adobe Commerce Managed Services, Cloud Managed Services

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