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Digital technologies are transforming traditional farming practices and the way producers get their harvest from farms to tables. Both B2B and B2C consumers of farm produce now anticipate a digital-driven experience, seeking convenience in their procurement of agricultural goods.

As your digital partner, Ziffity can help you prepare for the challenge. We enable businesses to adopt the right digital technologies to produce, manage, store, and deliver smarter. Our expertise in digital technologies can help you set up proactive and preventive mechanisms, monitoring systems, and management systems (inventory, orders, fulfillment), as well as establish a buy-sell relationship through online stores and marketplaces.

Our Services

  • Commerce

    Reimagine your agriculture ecosystem from buy/sell to supply chain management. Our eCommerce experts have experience in helping agriculture producers and retailers gain better market access, streamline processes involved across production to distribution and improve efficiency.

    With our certified experts in leading eCommerce platforms, we have enabled farmers and agriculture producers to establish direct-to-consumer online stores. For distributors and retailers, our eCommerce solutions are designed to enhance customer acquisition and personalization.

  • AI Services

    Embrace AI to simplify farming operations and crop management. With our AI expertise, we can help you understand weather patterns, monitor crops and soil conditions, and decide on the next crop to grow. You can also have AI-powered preventive mechanisms in place to foresee infestation, diseases, nutrient deficiency in soil, and so on.

    AI can detect and distinguish between weed and crops to encourage minimal usage of fertilizers ensuring less impact on environment. AI enables the agriculture industry to smartly manage inventory, distribution and logistics within their local and international B2B ecosystem.

  • BI and Visualization

    Make smart farm production and supply chain management decisions using BI and visualization. With business intelligence, you can make data-driven decisions that enable them to manage crops smartly, resulting in round-the-year yields.

    Using BI tools, we help compare historical weather and farming data to unearth insights on the impact of weather on crops. This helps you forecast and mitigate risks involved in growing, harvesting, and storing. Our BI experts can analyze market demands providing early hints for farmers to manage inventory levels and product pricing smartly.

  • Quality Assurance

    Keep your software systems used across crop production, monitoring, harvesting and supply chain secured and in perfect shape. Our quality assurance services ensure the accuracy and performance of your software tools involved across various stages of your agriculture business.

    Our testing services include security, usability, regression and functional testing of user interfaces and dashboards of the software connected to farming equipment, sensors, monitoring devices, seed, soil and water testing devices.

  • App Development

    Build applications that simplify the agriculture operations across your production to distribution journey. Our product engineering experts build apps for farm management, supply chain management, and monitoring apps.

    Our team has a proven track record in developing trading applications that empower farmers to sell directly to their wholesale and retail consumers. With our Microservices and middleware expertise, we can swiftly build independent functionalities and seamlessly integrate them, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

  • Digital Marketing

    Accelerate your D2C agriculture business with digital marketing. Our digital marketing experts devise exclusive strategies to focus on your retail and wholesale customers based on their buyer personas and the social platforms on which they thrive, addressing the questions they ask at various stages of their buying journey.

    Our data-driven digital marketing experts leverage insights from organic and paid marketing efforts to improve your SEO campaigns further and improve customer acquisition, traffic, and conversions through re-targeting.

  • Cloud

    Redefine data accessibility and team collaboration with the power of the Cloud. Leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies, Ziffity empowers agricultural businesses to optimize their operations, from farm management to distribution networks.

    By backing up web applications on the Cloud, your agricultural operations teams and stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain and buy-sell ecosystem can stay updated on real-time changes in pricing, inventory, delivery routes, and more.

    Cloud also enables you to aggregate data from crop monitoring and automated systems like drones, climate sensors, irrigation systems, and more.

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