Modernize your business system and accelerate your omnichannel potential with microservices.

If your business requires scalability, agile development, frequent features addition, and quick release cycles, Microservices and API-driven architecture is the go-to option. Microservices bring to your table a long list of advantages. Microservices are independently deployable, allow cross-functional teams to work in coherence, and enable decentralized data management and governance.

Using our expertise in Microservices, we help you break down monolithic applications, adopt new technologies and frameworks faster and never again experience a single point of failure. Despite being split into several independent systems, Microservices architecture is highly secure and well-connected through APIs.

Ziffity’s Microservices

Goodbye Monolithic. Welcome Microservices!


Microservices Consulting

Break your monolithic business system into several independent engines. Our consultants provide a clear plan for microservices orchestration, which facilitates effective implementation and seamless sync and communication between several individual microservices.

Microservices Development

Under our development services, we handle building, testing, and deployment of microservices-based applications on complex distributed systems. Our expertise in REST, AMQP and STOMP enables us to establish efficient Synchronous and Asynchronous messaging between systems, achieving an independent yet well-connected pool of microservices contributing to your business purpose.

Microservices Integration

For microservices integration, we follow an API gateway approach that leverages both microservices and API management and bridges the gap between frontend and microservices. This enables faster communication, implementation of security, and monitoring capabilities at the gateway phase instead of repeating it for every microservice individually.

Microservices Testing

We leverage Jenkins to create deployment pipelines that enable our development team to establish continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), and test automation. Our quality assurance engineers test that all the workflows key to your business operations and frontend experience work well and verify APIs and middleware that facilitate communication.

Microservices Support and Maintenance

Our proactive approach enables us to identify and remove bottlenecks, perform upgrades, and identify opportunities for improvements on the go. We apply service registry and service discovery mechanisms to identify and locate microservices and ensure their optimal usage.

Microservices and DevOps

To help your applications leverage the full potential of Microservices, we follow a Microservices development approach led by DevOps. We overcome challenges in a complex microservices system like traffic routing, distributed monitoring and service discoveries. Moreover, our Microservices and DevOps expertise helps you reap benefits like scalability, decentralization, and faster releases.

Modernize your legacy IT systems with our Microservices expertise.

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