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Adobe Commerce (Magento) Managed and Digital Marketing services for a heritage jewelry brand in the USA.


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Tech Stack

  • Migration to MageMojo
  • ERP integration with Adobe Commerce
  • Search integration with Adobe Commerce

A leader in designing and manufacturing
engagement and wedding rings

Tacori is a renowned leader in crafting customized engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry based in Glendale, California. The brand’s in-house artisans who are best in the business craft unique designs for its customers.


Tacori, operating on Adobe Commerce and hosted on a third-party Cloud solution provider, wanted to improve its scalability.

The brand wanted to leverage the latest innovations from Adobe Commerce and hence wanted to be prompt in upgrading to the platform's latest versions.

The jewelry brand's eCommerce portal displays the price information of products received from ERP that's hosted on a different cloud platform. Tacori experienced issues in its existing eCommerce store like ERP sync, which led to inaccuracy in the order information and ultimately fulfillment failures.

Tacori was keen on bringing in more personalization and new features for customers for which it had to customize core Adobe Commerce code. Ziffity was chosen as the Adobe Commerce partner to spearhead all these initiatives.


Version Upgrade

Ziffity helped the brand upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Commerce. As the store’s current hosting solution lacked support to stage a version upgrade, Ziffity’s experts suggested an alternative to make it happen.

Custom Features

To create more storefront conveniences for users and add more advanced functionalities, Ziffity tweaked the core code of Adobe Commerce and built 10 custom features.


Ziffity optimized the middleware to fix sync issues within the ERP and Adobe Commerce store’s backend. With the smooth flow of data between the two systems, the brand was able to get real-time order information and be prompt in fulfillment.

Configurable Product

The brand emphasized personalization as the key to improving customer experience. Ziffity, with its expertise in custom development, helped Tacori launch their first-ever configurable product feature called the ‘Ring builder’ that enabled users to customize the ring patterns based on attributes like metal, color, stones etc.

Performance Optimization

Ziffity’s speed optimization experts made use of Fastly CDN to apply cache and load balancing techniques and improved the website’s loading speed by 58%.


Ziffity’s Adobe Commerce experts helped the brand capitalize Magento’s built-in SEO features to the fullest. The Digital marketing team performs off-page optimization to steadily grow online traffic and search engine visibility, every month.

Managed Services

As a Adobe Commerce managed services partner, Ziffity performs regular website audits, refactors code, identifies areas for improvement, and builds custom features to help the brand innovate further.


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