Middleware Customization Services

Bridge the integration gap between your apps and preferred third-party systems.

Third-party systems enhance your business and customer-facing applications’ capabilities. But leveraging these capabilities comes with an equally strong challenge - Integration. Integration becomes crucial in today’s distributed environment where your applications have to connect with various Saas, cloud, monolithic, legacy systems, and enterprise-grade management systems like ERP, CRM, etc.

Ziffity’s middleware services can help you bridge the gap. Our expertise includes middleware development, customization, and maintenance services that establish quick, easy, and seamless connections with your applications and operational layer. We choose the best-in-class technologies and programming languages to deliver middleware solutions that are scalable and customizable.

Ziffity’s Middleware Services

Overcome your integration challenges with us.

Message Oriented Middleware Software

Establish seamless communication exchange between systems through our message-oriented middleware (MOM) solutions. Our expertise helps in creating asynchronous messaging within systems spread in a distributed application environment. We leverage open-source platforms like ActiveMQ to facilitate high performance even in a complexly connected software ecosystem.

Transactional Middleware Services

Streamline transaction processing between applications through our Transactional Middleware Services. We develop Transaction Middleware in such a way that it is scalable, easy to manage multi-tier transactions, and monitor middleware performance from a central dashboard.

Database Oriented Middleware Services

Redefine database access in enterprise application integration with our Database Oriented Middleware Services. We develop custom database-oriented middleware that provides you with several connectivity and communication gateways. We ensure that access to databases is not limited by platforms.

Service Oriented Middleware Services

Our service oriented middleware services help you achieve interoperability and efficiency for apps operating on heterogeneous platforms. Our SOA middleware development expertise caters to functional as well as non-functional properties like scalability, service reliability, flexibility and quality.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Middleware

Simplify calls to remote applications with ease. Our Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Middleware services helps a program to request a service from another program located in a remote device. The remote connections are established by creating a linking mechanism to facilitate procedure-based programs.

Application Server Middleware

Share your application’s capabilities in an organized and efficient manner by signing up for our application server middleware development. We develop application servers for specific requirements like catering to scalability requirements, improving efficiency, monitoring, security, or many things put together.

Build scalable middleware services for your complex integration requirements.

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