Who They Are?

IT’SUGAR is a fast-growing specialty candy retailer in the US with 100+ stores spread across 28 locations. The brand aims at fulfilling the sweet tooth of people of all ages with its quirky candy flavors and merchandising ideas.

What They Needed?

The brand’s growing appetite for innovation demanded a technically advanced platform that would enable them extend their eCommerce capabilities.

What Ziffity Did?

Custom Modules

Ziffity built custom modules to overcome challenges like updating orders to the ERP system and triggering tracking notification and order confirmation emails to customers.

3rd-party Integration

Ziffity integrated a third-party ERP system and a fulfillment management system with Magento backend to make sure the brand experiences the best of both worlds.


DevOps approach and the agile development methodology paved the way for quick development, integration, and continuous testing, ensuring timely delivery.


Team Ziffity refactored code to make sure the functionalities built on Magento 1.x website work great on Magento 2.x and also fixed issues in the ERP system.

Data Migration

Our experts migrated every essential information, including customer profiles, product reviews, and other site contents from the Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce.


As a consultation partner, we helped the brand improve existing functionalities by suggesting better Magento modules and identified data that can be avoided to pace up the migration process.

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