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Improve data-driven decision making through Power BI

Power BI - the industry standard for business analytics! This versatile, user-friendly and flexible analytics tool from Microsoft lets you collate your business data from multiple sources, visualize it, and generate and share insights.

You have data coming in from multiple points of sale. With Power BI, you can automate the gathering of data from all these sources, in real-time. You can use this data to generate reports and maintain live up-to-date dashboards that help you visualize trends, opportunities and gaps. Multiple users can collaborate to analyze these visualizations.

But how do you get started with automating your data collection, analysis and insight generation with Power BI? Enter Ziffity.

With years of experience working with the tool, our team at Ziffity includes experts in the field of data analytics with experience working with this powerful tool. We help our customers get the most out of Power BI’s tools, features and options, delivering stronger business intelligence and a better data analysis experience.

Our Power BI Services

Optimize your Business with Better Data Analytics and Actionable Insights.

Power BI Setup

At the start of your BI journey, you need to integrate with multiple input sources, including eCommerce websites, point-of-sale machines, marketplaces, social media sources, email marketing services, factory sensors, and other sources of time-sensitive data. We help you set up these integrations, after which data from these sources is automatically updated on Power BI in real time.


Our team helps you set up specific, targeted dashboards and reportage tools that generate the metrics that are of most value to you as a business. These can be tracked and analyzed over time to gain a better understanding of the business and generate actionable insights. These dashboards auto-update in real time. Data can be exported in the format that the final user needs, from Excel files to BI warehouses.

Data Visualization

We help you get the most out of Power View, a Power BI data visualization tool that enables you to build interactive charts, graphs, maps and other graphics. Together with other Power BI components, such as Power Query, Power Pivot and Power Map, we help you generate powerful reports, dashboards, and 2D and 3D graphics from live data. With these visualizations, you can compare and analyze key metrics.

Predictive Analytics

When you work with the Power BI experts, you can also prepare predictive analytics to help you identify trends earlier. You can predict user behavior, personalize the product and user experience, optimize stock availability, and more.

Ask our team of experts how to get actionable results with the use of Power BI.

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