Adobe Experience Manager

The Experience Dividend

Providing your customers with a great brand experience isn’t just a way to distinguish your brand from the rest of the market: it’s a powerful driver of revenue. According to Forrester, brands that excel in creating amazing customer experiences outperform laggards 80%.

It’s not hard to see why. Customers have no shortage of merchants to purchase from, and they make their decisions based on a new set of criteria: storytelling, omnichannel conveniences, personalization.

Reimagine Personalization With Adobe Experience Manager

Reimagine Personalization With Adobe Experience Manager

As an eCommerce retailer, losing customers to your competition could prove costly. Delivering amazing customer experience can help in differentiating your brand and gain a significant competitive advantage.

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Winning In Online Fashion And Apparel Ecommerce Race Using Aem

Winning In Online Fashion And Apparel Ecommerce Race Using Aem

How Adobe Experience Manager helps retailers craft amazing digital experiences for fashion and apparel consumers.

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Get to know the factors that differentiate AEM from other CMS and why is it more reliable for enterprise brands.

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Defining a Great Experience

  • Content is King : Today’s consumer is much more selective about the products they purchase. Is it clean and sustainable? Is it socially responsible? What are the experiences of other customers?
  • Brands need to offer content that goes beyond static product descriptions. Consumers want how-to videos, testimonials from other customers, new research, and comparisons. Successful merchants invest in a culture of constant content creation.
  • Omnichannel Experiences : Consumers are the ones who get to decide how, where, and when to engage with your brand, not you. Your job is to be ready to provide them with an amazing experience whichever touchpoint they choose, whether that’s a web, mobile app, native app, social media channels, or even chat.
  • Personalization : When consumers interact with your brand, browse and compare products and convert, they’re providing you with critical clues as to who they are and what they value. They expect you to respect, honor, and leverage those insights so that you can provide them with ever-improving customer experience.

Adobe Experience Manager

At Ziffity, we’re great fans of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for many reasons. If you’re a brand that’s been successful in eCommerce, you are probably using other Adobe cloud products, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Cloud Analytics, and Adobe Cloud Target. AEM integrates seamlessly with all of those products, and you can use those powerful tools in your eCommerce initiatives.

Adobe Experience Manager allows you to deliver highly personalized and engaging customer experiences to every customer. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create, edit, manage, resize, share, and publish a wide range of content across all channels. It even has built-in workflows for review and approval of contents under development.

You can also use it to create smart forms, communities, reviews, and integrate your social feed.

How Ziffity Can Help You Step Up Your Customer Experience

Choosing the right partner to migrate from your existing CMS to AEM or implement AEM for the first time is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want a partner with expertise in Adobe Experience Manager, eCommerce, mobile commerce, content management, and marketing.

  • Consulting : Our teams can help you document your needs and build a multi-phase roadmap for transforming your eCommerce and mobile commerce initiatives and drive revenue.
  • AEM Implementation : Tap into our deep expertise in the Adobe ecosystem to speed up development and deliver end-to-end technology solutions for your AEM instance.
  • AEM Migration : We’ll ensure your existing catalog of digital assets will be available to you from within AEM’s advanced infrastructure.
  • AEM Integration : We can integrate AEM with any compatible software in Adobe’s ecosystem or external systems to amplify your brand’s experience.


Frequently asked questions

Why Adobe experience manager / AEM?

AEM is a powerhouse combo for your content and digital asset management needs. You can get personalized, content-led experiences into the market faster.

What role can AEM play when it comes to eCommerce stores?

If you are in a lifestyle or non-commodity business, where storytelling, branding, content marketing, positioning, creating differentiating experiences is of paramount importance, then AEM is the solution for you. With AEM, you blend, social, content, and commerce to attract, engage, convert & sustain your audience.

Why should I even look at AEM when Magento has a pagebuilder?

Sure, for most brands, Page Builder would do from a content management perspective. But if you are someone who needs an integrated DAM (digital asset management), hyper-personalization, digital forms, digital publishing, cloud services, story driven selling and low code platform, which your marketing team can handle without developers, then you will need AEM.

How much it would cost to implement AEM?

Adobe has differential pricing for AEM based on various criteria. It's not one price fits all. If you are looking for an AEM demo, or want to know more about the pricing, we can certainly connect you with appropriate personnel at Adobe. From our experience, AEM typically suits well for mid-market and enterprise customers.

How much time would it take to implement AEM?

Of course, it depends on the scope of work. It can range anywhere from 3 to 12 months, and this can be done in phases as well, which is usually what we recommend to our customers. If you have a rough idea of what you are looking for, send it across to us, and we will provide you a free consultation on implementation approach, schedule, and estimates.

Does AEM & Magento have seamless integration?

Since Magento & AEM are both owned by Adobe, they have developed a Commerce Integration Framework (CIF), which helps integrate AEM with Magento in a seamless fashion and provide the best commerce & content capabilities in a single solution. If you are looking for a headless commerce approach, you can have Magento as your eCommerce system and power your storefront using Adobe Experience Manager.

Can I use Drupal or Wordpress instead of AEM?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on your strategic objectives, problems/challenges, aspirations, urgency, and budget, we will guide you to the right platform for your business. All we will need from you is a couple of discovery calls to brainstorm, understand your requirements, and come up with the right choice for you. A similar exercise can be done for Commerce as well if you are looking for a headless solution.

What are the features of AEM?

Content management system, Digital asset management, Digital enrolment & forms, Cloud services, Integration with Phonegap & Magento, Multisite, Personalization, Single page application editor, Smart crop, Visual search, Headless content delivery, Automated form conversion, Sensi, Workflow management among others.

How does headless commerce work with AEM & Magento?

If you are looking for a headless commerce solution, Magento & AEM could be a good match. Both products are from Adobe, hence better pre-built integration. AEM acts as your front-end engine/content delivery platform, and Magento as your backend for all your commerce transaction processing. Magento offers built-in microservices/API layers to connect with any front-end engine. Alternate solutions could include lightweight JS frameworks like React for front-end and Magento for Commerce.

What about integrating AEM, Magento with Marketo?

Using Commerce Integration Framework, AEM Form Data Model & Rest APIs, all three platforms can be integrated seamlessly. Be it product data from Magento to AEM, customer registration, order emails via Marketo, customer segmentation based on behavior/purchase pattern, and using the same for email marketing via Marketo, all of it is possible. As Adobe owns all of these platforms, integration capabilities continue to get better and better.

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