Adobe Experience Manager

Deliver remarkable customer experiences, at every omni-channel touchpoint

Digital Asset Management

Create and protect your digital assets across the organization. Use the power of AI to tag files, access assets using the self-service portal, bank on the wealth of asset templates to weave your own buyer experience with Adobe’s Digital Asset Management.

Inbuilt Analytic Integrations

Tie content to data and understand why your customers act the way they do on landing on your website or your campaign landing page. AEM solutions allows you to gather insights that can be turned into dynamic actionable actions.

Digital Marketing

The web is your ally in marketing. Make it wield its power the most with targeted digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, multiple devices and integrations. AEM helps you increase conversions and achieve your business goals by putting content to good use.

Community Building

Successful brands are built on communities consisting of blogs, Q&A sessions, events, webinars, forums, and so on. Take your user engagement and brand identity to new heights with AEM’s integrated community building experiences.

Content Localization

Your brand needs a global presence, but not too many websites in different languages. Eliminate complication in managing multiple websites in multiple language with the AEM’s Multi-site and multilingual content management.

On your own cloud

Adobe Experience Manager can be hosted on the cloud and customized endlessly to suit your enterprise requirements. Choose between a managed cloud deployment model or Adobe’s own Experience Manager Cloud Management to manage your digital experiences.

Ziffity’s Value Proposition

AEM Consulting and Implementation

We help you derive the most benefit out of Adobe Experience Manager through expert consulting & implementation services.

Migrating to AEM

No matter what CMS your business is using right now, we will help migrate to the brilliant digital infrastructure that Adobe Experience Manager is offering.

AEM Managed Services

Stay on top of your digital game, maintain digital assets and run a smooth digital experience with our Adobe professional-led AEM Managed Services.

Integrate AEM with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Integrate your Adobe Experience Manager to Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

Digital Marketing integration

Reach customers everywhere on the Internet and deliver a stellar experience by integrating your digital marketing efforts into AEM.

AEM Email marketing

Deliver timely & relevant messages right in the inbox of your customers with pre-built templates, campaign management & 360-degree customer view.

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