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Optimize your marketing operations with Dotdigital.

Leveraging Dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud we help your enterprise business build powerful omnichannel marketing programs, as every digital interaction matters. The platform harnesses valuable data from your customers’ journeys with the brands they shop online and provides actionable insights to strategize your marketing campaigns.

From purchase history to the last product order, the data collected allows you to hyper-personalize every customer’s interaction. Personalization and leveraging data in an empowered way is something marketers in businesses of all sizes and industries are desperately trying to achieve. And Dotdigital helps you do just that!

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Ziffity and Dotdigital together enable next-gen personalization and automation to help your enterprise business effortlessly deliver across multiple sales channels over time. We focus on highly targeted personalized messages and make sure that every single engagement is a positive catalyst for conversion.

Ziffity provides end-to-end solutions for your enterprise business using 'dotdigital Engagement Cloud.' Our team has vast experience using the marketing platform's tools for campaign management, and marketing automation. You can bank on our expertise in building powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns to engage your customers.

Ziffity’s Dotdigital Solutions

All in one platform that lets you automate the marketing process to engage better with your customers.

Marketing Automation

Automation allows you to schedule repetitive tasks and thereby save time. Ziffity helps automate welcome emails, SMS and send personalized messages for responses. Dotdigital provides built-in automation options and allows you to configure channel extensions. No matter which sales channel you choose, it helps establish easy communication with your contacts.

Email Campaigns

Email campaign allows you to preview the campaigns on different devices, send test emails to see how it’ll look in various email clients (MS Outlook), and track performance. Our team of experts can build email campaigns and send them manually or automatically based on preset conditions. Email content can be personalized based on contact data fields and external servers.

SMS Campaigns

Ziffity’s Dotdigital experts manage SMS campaign messages and send them from the platform through the SMS broadcasting tool and automated programs. You can automate SMS responses for instances like acknowledgment messages for registrations or subscriptions. The SMS broadcasting tool also generates reports with details like message sends, deliveries, and failures.

Product Recommendations

Dotdigital’s ‘Product Recommendation’ is available for market-leading eCommerce platforms like Magento. Depending on your requirement, Ziffity chooses the required options like ‘Best Sellers,’ ‘Most Viewed,’ ‘Bought Together,’ etc. You can also use the ‘Product Data Enrichment’ feature to configure product recommendations based on attributes like ‘color’ and ‘price.’

Landing Pages

Our team of experts can easily build these landing pages with Dotdigital’s page builder feature. Using Page builder, you can choose from pre-designed templates, drag and drop page building blocks and upload images. Interactive elements like forms, videos, surveys, and links to other pages can be quickly inserted into your landing pages. Also, you can add tracking codes like Google Analytics.

Surveys and Forms

Ziffity helps in building surveys & forms to increase signups and collect more customer data. You can either use the drag and drop editor or select ready-made templates to develop surveys and forms. You can link the survey/form to a landing page or share it as a link in an email or social media. Segment customers based on responses by saving them in a specific address book.

Unlock more value from you eCommerce store or online traffic with Dotdigital.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Dotdigital?

Dotdigital is a SaaS marketing platform that enables you to create, test and send data driven automated campaigns. With this platform, companies can integrate with key business systems, such as eCommerce platforms and CRM’s providing rich insights in real time.

What are the platforms that can be integrated with Dotdigital?

Dotdigital provides rich out of the box integrations with major eCommerce platforms and CRMs which include Adobe Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce.

What are some of the important features of Dotdigital?

The top three major factors that makes Dotdigital special is it’s powerful marketing, strategic direction, and data diligence. It’s out of the box integrations with all major platforms makes it even more unique.

Why choose Dotdigital?

Dotdigital is one of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms. Their main focus is to provide ease of use. Their straightforward editor and their excellent customer support is unparalleled.

What is the license cost/ pricing for Dotdigital?

Dotdigital does not furnish details on its pricing officially. They provide a flexible pricing quote based on every business requirement.

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