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A leading provider of custom
fragrance compounds

Agilex Fragrances is a leading provider of custom fragrances serving mid-sized customers for over 30 years. The brand manufactures air care, home care, personal care, fine fragrance, and industrial & institutional products.


Having a wide range of products, Agilex enjoys customers in B2B and industrial sectors. is the sole digital touchpoint for its customers to interact with the brand.

The brand was looking for an expert to configure and manage HubSpot marketing automation tools and also assist in leveraging the system to the fullest.

Agilex wanted an SEO expert to help them gain relevant traffic and get quality leads.



The website got a complete design refresh. The revamped UI and UX backed by insights received from users' digital interactions helped improve the conversion rate significantly.

Lead Scoring

HubSpot marketing automation tool was configured to align with the three different workflows that the website had and to set up a lead scoring system appropriate to each workflow.


HubSpot's built-in AI-powered chatbot system 'Chatflow' was configured with interactive dialogues and messages that would assist users in exploring the website and receiving support faster.


Team Ziffity created exclusive dashboards to monitor leads from multiple lead scoring mechanisms, which helped in providing clarity to determine improved results and ROI exactly.

Email Marketing

Leveraging HubSpot's email marketing mechanism, the website was bestowed with capabilities to automate emails for lead nurturing campaigns and newsletters for existing customers.

Social Media Management

Agilex wanted to build a brand community across social channels. Ziffity manages Agilex's social media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to keep users informed and interacting with the brand.


Team Ziffity planned on-page and off-page SEO campaigns driven by quality content with a focus on improving the website's traffic, backlink strength, brand popularity, new and returning visitors.

Cloud Managed Services

Ziffity’s Cloud experts handle the support requirements of the online website’s Cloud infrastructure, ensuring 99.99% availability and minimizing maintenance cost.


SEO and Social media management

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