Cloud Managed Services

You’ve successfully moved to the cloud. What Next? Having a technical crew to monitor, maintain, and upgrade your infrastructure regularly is essential to ensure it’s in the best shape. If your business applications are in a dynamic and continuously changing environment where time and agility are important, a dedicated Cloud maintenance and support team is a must. Also, to meet new demands, meet compliance and emerging standards, adopt new trends and maintain a competitive edge, it’s better to offload the responsibilities of Cloud monitoring to a team that’s meant for that.

Our Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

Our team has experts reserved to monitor your assets and middleware hosted on the cloud. We report unusual activities or issues deducted in real-time, along with the measures taken to resolve them. We keep an eye on crucial aspects like usage of bandwidth, memory, etc, in order to proactively configure the infrastructure to accommodate new demands.

Performance Optimization

Your enterprise’s applications are as good as their availability. Our dedicated optimization experts make sure your cloud assets are performing at their best at all times. We enhance your application’s performance by deploying the best of tools and techniques like caching, EC2, Content Delivery Network (CDN), load balancing and so on.

Cloud Security Solutions

Be confident about your data and applications’ security by improving your defense through our tested cloud security solutions that comply with industry safety standards. Our solutions include security assessments, reporting and analysis, strategy framework, and building a roadmap to prioritize the most challenging areas and devise a plan of action.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity no matter what by having strong disaster recovery plans in place. This depends on your ability to recreate infrastructure, systems and data. Here’s where Ziffity can help. We maintain electronic records of your business and implement backup plans immediately in case of natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

Cloud Migration Services

The flexibility to move from one cloud platform to another or engage a hybrid cloud option is a great asset to businesses. It doesn’t matter how customized or unique your systems may be. Our Cloud migration experts orchestrate your move by carefully assessing your source and its compatibility with the target cloud environment.

Cloud Infrastructure Set Up

Your cloud computing capability’s resilience depends on every component that comes together in creating your infrastructure – hardware, middleware, storage, networks, operating systems, and more. Our team puts together the best combination of necessary technologies to build your cloud infrastructure and also offloads your management responsibilities.

Our Cloud Expertise

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Thought Leadership

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Why You May Need a Dedicated Cloud Managed Services Partner

Why You May Need a Dedicated Cloud Managed Services Partner

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