Cloud Migration Services

Achieve speed, agility and security with the right cloud migration strategy.

Migrate heavy, mission-critical business applications to the cloud. Say hello to speed, agility, and security by hosting your customer-facing or organizational applications or databases on the world’s leading cloud platform like AWS. We understand that moving from on-premise to cloud or migrating between two cloud platforms needs meticulous planning to ensure security and zero downtime. That’s why our cloud engineers pick and choose the right approach that suits your requirement based on the 7 R’s of migration – Retire, Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Replace, Refactor, and Reenvision.

Why Migrate to the Cloud

Migrating to cloud has multiple benefits, but the key factors that can impact your business are

  • Workload moves faster: Speedy workload migrations possible without any hassle
  • Reduced cost: Get rid of complex and uncertain application rework
  • Migrate at scale: Maintain application integrity while scaling your public cloud

Our Services

Our comprehensive cloud migration strategy, tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models ensures seamless movement of your data and applications.

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Anchor your inter-organizational and client applications with the most agile cloud infrastructures without having to worry about security. The lift and shift methodology doesn’t work all the time. Hence we assess the systems carefully and plan migration procedures based on your existing and source cloud environment.

Azure to AWS Migration

Accommodate your growing needs by moving to Amazon Web Services. We work closely with your application engineers to make a detailed application discovery of your current Azure environment and map it with AWS. We leverage AWS EC2, load balancing, CDN techniques, and so on to achieve the best performance.

Google Cloud to AWS Migration

Transitioning from Google Cloud Platform to AWS can be challenging. We research thoroughly on the workloads subject to migration, use cases, and the variety of data. We then create an AWS architecture and establish the connection between your existing infrastructure and new resources, validate performance, and optimize on the go.

Oracle to AWS Migration

Migrate your Oracle database to the best AWS database services – RDS (Relational Database Service) and Amazon EC2. AWS is one of the cloud service providers that allows its users to take complete advantage of Oracle databases. Using AWS migration tools like ‘Database Migration Service’ ‘Snowball’ ensures that your migration is fast and secure.

Our Cloud Migration Process

Discovery And Analysis

We study and evaluate your infrastructure, application and data using proprietary tools. This way we get to know the best fit services that suit your business needs.


Once we leverage all the data from the analysis, we take note of all your business needs and identify opportunities for the optimal migration strategy.


Our set of analysis tools will help us prioritize required call to actions which will reduce risk, time and cost.


We use automated cloud management and migration tools which provide a smooth transition with a perfect transformation management plan to stay on track.

Partner with our team of certified Cloud and DevOps experts to take your first step towards Digitalization.

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