App Modernization

Unleash the power of cloud and make data-driven decisions.

By simply moving your applications to the cloud you will gain cost benefits and solve some technical debt issues. But does it really make a difference to your business users, do they actually see any additional value. To truly realize the value of cloud, your applications should be modernized for the cloud.

Need For Cloud Modernization

Lower IT costs

Reduced time to market

Greater Enterprise Agility

Future Proofing

Our Services

Our team of experts will assist you to achieve operational excellence, reduce capital spending, and free up staff to generate new business opportunities.

App Modernization Consulting

By assessing your legacy application and infrastructure, we will provide a detailed solutions to renew your existing application and get the maximum out of your investments.

Legacy Application Modernization

Revamp your legacy applications to meet the changing business needs with our 7Rs of cloud modernization in a secure and scalable environment.

Application Containerization

It is best to use containerization to transform your legacy application to microservices. This helps to make your application more efficient, cost effective, scalable and easily manageable.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your applications to a cloud environment with minimum disruption to your business.

The Best Practices

Ziffty follows the best practices of 7Rs for your cloud modernization journey.

  • Retire: The best time to shed the applications you don’t need
  • Retain: Complex applications that won’t add any value moving to the cloud
  • Rehost: Quickly move applications to the cloud
  • Replatform: Some applications will need to run on different operating systems in the cloud
  • Replace: Move to a new and better SaaS application that is available in the market
  • Refactor: Modernising or perform significant code rework to add new features
  • Reenvision: Preparing for the future

Partner with our team of certified Cloud and DevOps experts to ensure your applications and business are future proof.

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