What is Marketo?

Marketo is a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed to help businesses streamline and automate their marketing tasks and workflows. Marketo covers a wide range of automation functionalities including email marketing, lead management, resource management, CRM integration, marketing analytics, and more.

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Fully Loaded Design Studio

Build SEO friendly landing pages, email templates, and manage lead capture forms – all under one roof. The Studio features Email Editor and Landing Page Editor to customize emails and landing pages as per your requirements.

Personalize your interactions

Marketo has a lot of personalization options. For instance, it lets you segment your contacts, add dynamic content blocks, and snippets so that you can personalize your customers’ landing page experience.

Lead Management

Marketo lets you organize your contacts with Smart Lists and run campaigns to generate sales-ready leads. With Smart Lists, you can find specific customer groups using filters like the customer’s state (California) and score.

Integration made easy

Connect your existing systems such as CRM and ERP with Marketo seamlessly. It offers integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Cloud for Sales and more. You can also shop for third-party applications in Marketo LaunchPoint.

Measure Marketing ROI

Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Explorer will make it much easier for you to measure and analyze your campaign performance. The types of reports available in Revenue Explorer include email analysis, lead analysis, model performance analysis, program cost analysis, and more.

Learn from Your Peers

Join the Marketing Nation – an active community of Marketo users to get answers to your queries, share ideas, and learn the best practices to execute your campaigns. The Marketing Nation has customer communities, local and virtual user groups, and certified marketing professionals.

Why Choose Ziffity?

Our Marketo-certified professionals have the technical expertise and business acumen to help your business grow rapidly.

Our Implementation & Managed services include:

  • Marketo Account Setup
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • Campaign Execution & Management
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

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