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Every enterprise brand having its online presence has a story to tell and products to sell. As an enterprise business or a growing mid-market brand, you prefer results over opinions, conversions over clicks and insights over instincts to effectively learn from and optimize your digital marketing initiatives. Marketing automation systems like Marketo are built to fulfill such expectations.

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Marketo takes care of everything that falls under the scope of well-organized marketing campaigns. Be it nurturing prospects, automating lead scoring, making informed product recommendations, improving lead quantity or quality, Marketo has it all covered for you.

As Marketo is a part of Adobe Experience Cloud, brands can leverage Adobe Experience Cloud’s Analytics along with Marketo’s lead management and marketing technology to plan and launch campaigns in a flash and optimize on the go.

Ziffity’s Marketo Implementation and Managed Services

Gain full potential of the best in class marketing automation software.

Marketo Account Setup

Ziffity’s Marketo-certified experts take care of end-to-end Marketo set up. We personalize Marketo to serve your business-specific marketing goals. Our team also takes care of integration with 3rd-party systems like CRM and eCommerce platforms, onboarding, and provides training to ensure a smooth longer run.

Third-Party Integration

Connect your existing systems such as CRM and ERP with Marketo seamlessly. Marketo is now a part of Adobe and is compatible with Magento and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). The marketing automation platform can be integrated with other platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Cloud.

Landing Page Design & Development

Build SEO-friendly landing pages, email templates, and manage lead capture forms – all under one roof. Leveraging provisions like Email Editor and Landing Page Editor, our experts can customize emails and landing pages to your needs. We can also help you A/B test landing pages by measuring performance based on real-time reports.

Campaign Execution & Management

Plan and launch marketing campaigns in a flash with messages crafted with the help of historical data. Be it for nurturing, generating sales-ready leads, reducing cart abandonment, or branding, Ziffity can bring your marketing plans to life faster with features to optimize it on the run.

Lead Management

Our experts can integrate Marketo with your CRM for effective lead management that eases tasks like updating the lead status, lead routing or territory assignment rules, and more. With Marketo, you can improve lead quality, reassign leads for follow up and pass cold leads to the marketing team to re-engage.

Reporting & Analytics

Data is at the heart of Marketing. With Marketo, Ziffity can enable the data-driven way of digital marketing for your eCommerce brand. Measure marketing ROI of your email and lead generation campaigns by deriving deep insights from campaign results. Real-time reports and dashboards can help you monitor and optimize campaigns on the go.

Identify, engage, and accelerate your customer experience.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Marketo?

Marketo is one of the renowned marketing automation tools that operate on a SaaS model. The software helps digital businesses automate marketing tasks, create convenient workflows, and measure every marketing campaign's results.

Based in San Mateo, California, the brand aims to enable marketers in B2B and B2C sectors to earn qualified leads, strategize and execute marketing campaigns, and produce lead-to-revenue opportunities across every digital channel.

Who uses Marketo?

At an organizational level, internal marketing and sales teams or marketing agencies make use of Marketo. At a user level, Marketo serves people who are responsible for demand generation, branding, and lead generation like product managers, brand managers, and marketing executives.

For marketing teams, Marketo helps to build, execute, and nurture marketing campaigns to achieve its goals. Marketo software helps in providing intelligence on user behavior, preferences, previous interactions, and so on to perform personalized engagement campaigns.

How can marketing teams leverage Marketo Engage to increase conversion rates?

Standard Program Templates and Tokens is one of the important features of Marketo. Programs enable users to list tasks, manage event registration, or trigger email campaigns. You can also track details like clicks, MQLs achieved, and conversions.

Tracking campaigns on various channels is where Marketo can be extensively used. You can define statuses for users' progressive actions and measure your programs' results with insights like click-throughs, downloads, etc.

What is a Marketo token?

In Marketo, Program Tokens are content that can be reused across multiple assets within a specific program. Using tokens, you can change the contents of the assets across different web pages and emails. Thus, Tokens help in creating campaigns at a faster rate.

In case of a program that includes a confirmation for event registrations, the contents used would mostly be the same except change in time or location. Contents that keep changing can be updated across different channels with no room for errors.

What are some of the important features of Marketo?
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Bi-directional CRM synching
  • Email Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Website Personalization
  • Web Activity Tracking
  • Customer Base Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Marketing
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Dashboards and Reports
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Digital Ads
  • Program and Campaign Analysis
  • Anonymous Retargeting
  • Opportunity Influence Modeler
  • Advanced Report Builder
What are some of the advanced features of Marketo?

Advanced features of Marketo:

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Content AI
What is the license cost/ pricing for Marketo?

Marketo does not furnish details on its pricing officially. The automation software has bundled its offerings into four packages, namely 'Select,' 'Prime,' 'Ultimate' and 'Enterprise' to suit the budgets of brands of all sizes. The price varies with the database's size. To know the exact pricing for your company, get in touch with Marketo's sales team.

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