Dwell – eCommerce

A collaborative media platform for home and decor.

Integrated content, creative and commerce

Mobile-first approach led to higher mobile traffic

New-age tech – Node.js, React.js, and Hapi.js



Home and Decor

Tech Stack

  • JavaScript

Social platform for home
architects and interior designers

Dwell is a magazine publication that shares ideas on home design through blogs. The online magazine enjoys architects and designers as its audiences. The magazine is the go-to option for designers to find inspirations and the latest trends in the home decor industry.


The brand that has its backend operating on Adobe Commerce and storefront powered by Drupal wanted to bank on the growing interest of their readers and provide them with a great mobile experience.

Apart from being a thought leader in the home decor space, the brand also wanted to create an interactive social platform where artists, architects, and readers could collaborate and throw ideas around.


Microservices Architecture

Team Ziffity implemented an API-first architecture using JavaScript tech stacks like React.js, Hapi.js, and Node.js to create a flexible and scalable platform.

Mobile-first UI/UX

Considering the brand's objective to prioritize and cater to audiences who prefer mobile, Ziffity tailor-made a mobile-first customer journey to improve browsing and purchasing experience on mobile devices.

Mobile App

Ziffity's JavaScript experts built a React-Native-based mobile app that's on par in terms of the technical and functional prowess of the web application.

Performance Optimization

The website buzzed with users once the interactive social capabilities were rolled out, causing massive server loads and performance issues. Team Ziffity came up with countermeasures for performance challenges through systematic and targeted application and server audits.

Managed Services

Ziffity extended its services post-go-live as a managed services partner. This enabled the brand to implement new features and improve the platform on the go.

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