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  • Facebook Shopping Ads
  • Instagram Shopping Ads
  • Social Media Management (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

The go-to brand in the US for

CSN is one of the largest retailers of rare and collectible coins in the U.S. The collectors' favorite brand serving for over 15 years in the market also offers a wide range of other collectibles like foreign currency and ancient coins.


The brand, which markets its products through traditional television marketing, wanted to leverage its online store's audience.

Their primary focus was increasing traffic through organic efforts like SEO, content, and social media marketing to better conversions and also leverage paid social media marketing on-the-go.

For this, the brand wanted digital marketing expertise to leverage the SEO capabilities of Magento, the platform on which its website operates.


On-page Content Optimization

To make the online store search engine friendly, Ziffity's content specialists optimized content with targeted keywords in areas like blogs, category pages, listing pages, URLs, and metadata.

Off-page SEO

The off-page optimization efforts to build relevant backlinks from high-authority websites and competitive keywords improved new visits and gained brand popularity.

Social Media Management

Team Ziffity kept the brand's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook counters ticking with well-timed posts that brought their audience up to speed about product launches and industry news.

Thought Leadership

Consistently rolling out blog content that addresses the community of coin collection enthusiasts helped the brand pose itself as the thought leader and go-to option for industry trends.

Facebook Paid Campaigns

With strategically planned paid ad campaigns, the brand was able to target its B2C audience on the platform they thrive. It helped them get to the prospects first outrunning the competition.

Shoppable Ads / Shopping Ads

Leveraging the shopping ads feature in Instagram and Facebook, the brand banked on customers' buying intent as they found it fast and reliable to buy directly on platforms they are familiar with.

Retargeting Campaigns

Ziffity set up a retargeting ad campaign to convert users who visited CSNMint.com but have not made a purchase. The retargeting ads were personalized based on abandoned carts, searched products, past purchases, and so on for better conversions.


SEO, Content marketing and social media marketing

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