It is true that Digital Marketing is driven so much by technology. Marketing automation tools like Marketo, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Suite, Oracle Eloqua help you run campaigns much more efficiently than you can do it manually. But does having a Marketing automation tool guarantee you success? Does knowing these automation tools make you a good marketer? Is it right to say that conventional marketing knowledge is fading or less relevant?

A marketing automation tool gives you the power to implement or change any aspects of your marketing campaign in seconds, which otherwise can take days to perform.  It helps you organize all your digital assets, build workflows, schedule campaigns, gets access to marketing analytics in no time, dynamically personalize content, etc. While these marketing automation tools are ideal for your campaign, you need marketers with sound marketing knowledge for a successful campaign.

Know why Google is not admiring you like you want it to?

To start with, getting your 5Ps right (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Positioning), whether it is conventional marketing or digital, is a good foundation for your campaign. For example, there is no point advertising a product online if your price is not competitive or when you don’t have enough differentiator to position yourself uniquely.

Once you are done with the 5Ps, work on the well-known 4 marketing principles – Attract, Engage, Convert and Sustain. Is your content different and attractive enough to urge the user to click on your Ad? Is your story engaging enough to make the user go for the conversion (call-to-action)? Once the user has bought into you, is your product or service good enough to sustain their interest?

If you can get the basics of marketing right and top it up with a suitable marketing automation tool, you are certainly in for a home run.