Airfield Supply – Cloud

Application enhancement powered by AWS.

Built an abstraction layer

for seamless exchange of data

Realtime failure

notification system built


customizations built



Healthcare | Retail

Tech Stack

  • AWS Amplify
  • DynamoDB
  • AWS AppSyncAWS Lambda
  • EFS
  • NodeJS

A leading Cannabis retailer in
California, USA

Airfield Supply Co is one of the most preferred brands for Cannabis lovers in California, USA. The brand provides a wide range of premium Cannabis products packaged into different forms to cater to medicinal and recreational use.


Being popular as a go-to dispensary for Cannabis lovers in the region, the brand wanted to innovate its eCommerce store to provide a delightful storefront experience. This was hampered by connectivity issues with the third-party ERP system, resulting in delays in receiving real-time inventory and order information.

They wanted a solution for their team to get real time notifications of issues such as order failures, low stock levels, bot attacks, high response time etc so that it can be fixed immediately.

Complex customizations were required to adhere with industry regulations and to enhance customer experience.



Ziffity built an abstraction layer powered by AWS to establish a seamless exchange of data between third-party systems (Treez, On-fleet Management System and Salesforce) and the Magento (eCommerce website) backend.

Custom Application Development

Ziffity built 'Failure App,' a backup system that detects order placement, fulfillment, and customer profile issues. The app automates the task of an admin chipping in and manually performing the task whenever an issue occurs. The automation eliminates order placement failures and reduces manual tasks.

Order failure - If a customer places an order and doesn't go through, the Failure app will automate the task of an admin placing the order on behalf of the customer.

OnFleet - If the customer did not receive the delivery person at their door front or has given a wrong address, the delivery person can cancel the order and send the details to customer support.

Customers - The failure app avoids duplication of user IDs during scenarios where users who have already registered try to create a new one with the same information.


Our development team built industry-specific features and performed 30+ customizations for the store to address legal compliance requirements. When you customize an existing platform, one needs to make sure that core of the platform is undisturbed making future upgrades/changes seamless.

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