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Adobe Commerce (Magento) Cloud Implementation for World’s No. 1 brand for spa essentials.


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Tech Stack

  • ERP integration with Magento
  • Shipment integration with Magento
  • Tax module integration with Magento
  • Marketing automation tool integration
  • DevOps

One of the leading makers of Massage
Tables & Supplies in the U.S.A

Earthlite is a company established in 1987 focused on providing high-quality professional massage tables and spa essentials. EarthLite is the world's most trusted brand, favored by massage professionals, chiropractors, spas and medical facilities, and personal trainers.

Headquartered in sunny California, Earthlite is a global company with facilities on three continents. The brand caters to both B2B and B2C audiences by splitting its product line into distinct brand names Earthlite, 'Day Spa' Living Earth Crafts, Continuum, 'Tara Spa Therapy' across both market segments.


The brand wanted to improve operational efficiencies, reduce manual effort by enabling seamless integration of fulfillment systems with eCommerce.

The diversified product offerings demanded Earthlite to develop smart merchandising solutions to cater to specific requirements of consumers.

To achieve all of these objectives, Earthlite was looking for a robust and scalable eCommerce platform and a technology partner to see them through the finish line



Ziffity's Magento migration experts re-platformed the brand's store from its third-party eCommerce platform to Magento Commerce Cloud. The brand's B2C and B2B offerings were housed in a single Magento instance enabling the team to manage operations from a central admin console.

Fulfillment Integration

The brand wanted a third-party fulfillment system to be integrated with Magento. Team Ziffity customized Magento to seamlessly connect the fulfillment system and accommodate the complex shipping rules of the business.

ERP Integration

A third-party, legacy ERP system was integrated with Magento to pull crucial information like orders, stock levels, customer data, and product pricing.

Shipping Lead Time

Ziffity made sure the 'Shipping Lead Time' was available on PDP, Cart, Checkout, and order confirmation pages to keep customers informed about their product's arrival.

Late Order Alerts

The brand wanted to proactively inform users about orders missing the promised delivery date as a gesture of responsibility and care for customers. Ziffity built an alert system that keeps users informed about their delayed orders, thereby minimizing the inquiries placed to the customer service team.

Shop by Brand

The store was given exclusive landing pages for brands to make shopping easy for brand-specific customers.

Shop Parts for Products

For customers to buy parts or additional accessories for massage and spa tables they already own, the site facilitated a provision to buy them directly from the product page.

Multi-Source Inventory

Magento Commerce Cloud's out-of-the-box feature, multi-source inventory, was customized to ensure Earthlite managed its fulfillment operations from several warehouses at a brisk pace.

Tax Module Integration

As the brand was selling across borders, the eCommerce store had to facilitate region-specific tax information. Ziffity integrated a 3rd-party tax system to show users country-specific tax details upfront.

Product Configurator

Ziffity built a product configurator to elevate personalization to a whole new level. This feature enabled users to mix up various elements and accessories of products to custom-build furniture that suit their specifics.


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