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Security testing for USA’s leading B2B2C electrical components distributor.



Electrical Distribution

Tech Stack

  • Magento Security Scan Tool
  • DevOps Security

One of USA’s top electrical distributors

USESI is one of the top three Wholesale Electrical Components Distributors in the USA. USESI holds 14+ subsidiary brands and caters to a diverse customer base, including; engineers, contractors and architects.


The brand wanted to keep pace with Magento's latest upgrades and fixes.

The eCommerce store had a lot of customization done, which posed performance challenges.


Team Ziffity, as USESI's Magento managed services partner, helped the brand prepare for upcoming version upgrades, security patches, and other latest feature integrations.

Magento Security Scan Tool

Team Ziffity's QA engineers leveraged the Magento Security Scan tool to monitor the application's health and identify areas that need improvements beforehand. With the test results of the security audit, team Ziffity was able to identify the right security patches and version upgrades the store needs.


On the data front, Ziffity's regular security audits enabled the brand to stay on par with the industry's compliance standards and data governance policies.


On the security front, Ziffity was able to fortify the store to stay immune to security attacks like DDOCS, malware, phishing, SQL injections, and so on.

Coding Standards

Ziffity’s QA team brought the testing into the development phase to ensure flawless deliverables. Codes pushed into the source control will throw reports on code violation errors and standards that help developers identify and fix issues faster.

Security Alerts

To proactively detect security threats and give the emergency response team a headstart to resolve them, team Ziffity set up security alert systems. In scenarios such as DDoS attacks, which can exponentially increase the server load and affect a site’s availability, Ziffity’s security alerts would quickly detect unusual spikes in requests and send alerts to the security experts.

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