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UI/UX and design creatives services for a 30-year-old fragrance brand




Manufacturer of fragrance raw materials for home
and personal care

Agilex Fragrance is a leading provider of custom fragrances that has served mid-sized customers for over 30 years. The brand manufactures air care, home care, personal care, fine fragrance, and industrial & institutional products.


The brand wanted to create an engaging online presence to showcase its wide portfolio of products to its thousands of customers spanning across B2B, B2C and industrial sectors.

Agilex was looking for an agency to conceptualize and create the user interface and experience design for its website Agilex Fragrances.


UI / UX Design

Agilex signed up with Ziffity as its design services partner. As the brand was building its digital presence from the ground up, Ziffity’s design experts planned a step-by-step approach and a series of research to conceptualize and create an appealing website.

Buyer Persona

Ziffity identified Agilex’s consumer demographics and further broke it down into different buyer personas that would want to interact with the brand’s website for various purposes.

For each buyer persona, Ziffity factored in elements like goals, pain points, designation, products intended to buy, level of quality they are looking at, and so on to weave a design that appeals to their needs.

User Journey Analysis

Under the user journey analysis, Ziffity addressed the various stages of the buying journey for each buyer persona - Awareness, Discovery, Comparison, Decision, and Delivery. This helped in structuring the web pages and content to address all the questions a buyer persona would love to ask throughout their buying journey.

Competitor Analysis

By analyzing competitors, Ziffity was able to identify what works best for its competitors, their brand positioning, and how Agilex can differentiate from the pack to carve a niche for itself in the digital landscape.

Brand Guidelines

Team Ziffity made use of the brand’s design guidelines and color codes to weave a digital experience that’s unique to the brand and a consistent visual experience across the website.

Design Revamp

As Firmenich, the parent brand that owns Agilex, partnered with DSM, a global science-based company with expertise in Nutrition, Health, and Bioscience, Agilex had to re-align its web presence. Ziffity reimagined Agilex's website, incorporating Firmenich's design philosophy and brand guidelines.

Asset Design

Ziffity's design experts spearheaded the asset design requirements for the brand's marketing initiatives. Ziffity's creative design team contributed to providing banners, GIFs, and videos for the brands' social media handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) and newsletter design for outreach campaigns.

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