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Fine tuning end-user experience through thorough user acceptance testing.




Distributing finest security products for more
than four decades

SES (Security Equipment Supply) is a safety and security equipment distributor that started in 1982. Since then, the brand has grown leaps and bounds, expanding to 13 fully stocked warehouses and showrooms across various locations in the USA like St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas, Memphis etc.

SES Online provides power-efficient, high-quality security products and systems ranging from fire protection to access control systems. The brand ensures business growth for its B2B customers through extensive training events.


The brand was aiming to simplify the backend process for its operations team to function effectively.


User Acceptance Testing

Ziffity QA experts determined the test cases that should be covered on multiple devices users might access the website from. This provided a clear roadmap for the SES Online team to plan their user acceptance testing and provide feedback.

Test Modules

Based on the structure of the eCommerce store and operational workflow (backend), team Ziffity chose modules like login, user registration, header, footer, home page, category listing and product listing pages, product detail pages, cart pages and Adobe Commerce admin pages.


After listing the modules for user acceptance testing, team Ziffity classified them into various segments and also determined the list of features, functionalities, and tasks that should be tested under each module.


Clear documentation was established for each feature/functionality tested under each device for every user involved in the testing process. This enabled a clear understanding of the test results by our UI and UX team to work on what was needed to be fixed or improvised.

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