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Performance testing and optimization for a sports vehicles components builder.

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Automotive | Distribution and Manufacturing

Tech Stack

  • Apache JMeter

Automotive performance parts manufacturer
for sports vehicles

Dynojet is a manufacturer of automotive performance parts in Las Vegas. The brand specializes in providing parts that boost performance in a wide range of on-road and off-road sports vehicles like cars, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs. With a market experience spanning nearly five decades, this brand's products are available through four distinct online stores.


Being a B2B2C brand, the store has a lot of B2B-specific features, millions of SKUs, and customizations to accommodate complex workflows and functionalities.

Owing to heavy customization, the brand experienced challenges in the form of performance. The brand wanted to keep the loading time to a bare minimum and provide a fast experience for their customers.


Performance Testing

As Dynojet’s Adobe Commerce partner, Ziffity started off with a performance testing exercise using Apache JMeter which helped in identifying areas that hindered the loading time.

JS Optimization

Using techniques like advanced JS bundling, Ziffity’s Adobe Commerce performance optimization experts were able to drastically minimize the number of JS files loading per page, resulting in less server load and improved loading speed.

CSS Optimization

Leveraging the built-in tools in Adobe Commerce, Ziffity performed CSS and JS minification. Also, the JS bundling technique helped prevent the CSS files from loading upfront before the necessary JS, which helped in achieving a better loading speed.

Speed Optimization Best Practices

Ziffity’s speed optimization experts improved the store’s loading speed using the Adobe Commerce best practices like third-party extensions audit, image optimization, Gzip compression, caching (full page Varnish cache and database caching) and so on.

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