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Enabled advanced analytics capabilities through Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence integration



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Tech Stack

  • Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence

Automotive performance parts manufacturer
for sports vehicles

Dynojet is a manufacturer of automotive performance parts in Las Vegas. The brand specializes in providing parts that boost performance in a wide range of on-road and off-road sports vehicles like cars, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs. With a market experience spanning nearly five decades, this brand's products are available through four distinct online stores.


As a B2B brand that’s offering its products across two different eCommerce stores ( Powersports Vehicle Parts | Performance Ignition & Fuel Parts | Dynojet and Account Suspended ), Dynojet wanted to gather intelligence from the digital interactions at various touch points to personalize experiences.

The brand was looking for an advanced analytics solution that could crunch scattered data into easily understandable reports and actionable insights.


Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence

Adobe Commerce (Magento) BI was chosen as the solution to the client’s need for deeper analytical data by Ziffity, Dynojet’s Adobe Commerce implementation and managed services partner.


As Adobe Commerce partners, team Ziffity has hands-on experience working on Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence. We configured Adobe Commerce BI to suit the requirements of Dynojet to extract insights that help them make informed business decisions.


To manage data accumulated across several touchpoints and the client’s existing analytical tools, team Ziffity integrated Google Analytics with Adobe Commerce BI. It helped the brand access and manage key business and SEO metrics that matter, all from a single backend interface.

Dashboard Configuration

Zififty’s Adobe Commerce BI experts configured the dashboard for Dynojet’s team to easily visualize and understand metrics that determine their business’ performance like products ordered (daily, monthly, yearly), best sellers (by volume and revenue), average order value, average daily sales, conversions and so on.

Report Building

Using the ‘Visual Report Builder’ and ‘SQL Report Builder’, Dynojet was able to create and manage reports. The ability to create visual representations of data, segmentation provisions, and query any necessary information helped Dynojet understand data deeper and faster.

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