Sour Patch Kids – eCommerce

Adobe Commerce (Magento) Managed Services for USA’s most sought-after candy retail store.




Tech Stack

  • Advanced Analytics tool communication with Adobe Commerce backend

The most sought-after brand for sour
and sweet candies in the U.S.A

Sour Patch Kids is one of the most popular candy brands in the U.S.A. The brand, which has over 50 years of market presence, is now a part of a global snack brand, Mondelez, that has a market in 150+ countries and operations in 80+ countries.


Sour Patch Kids had bitter experiences with its existing eCommerce agency. The agency wasn’t responsive in addressing issues and did not come up with ideas to improve the their eCommerce presence. As a result, they couldn’t get the full value out of the partnership.

Sour Patch Kids had an eCommerce store built on the Adobe Commerce platform. They wanted an agency that had the expertise to provide an end-to-end Managed services - support, maintenance, upgrade and custom development services.


Adobe Commerce Managed Services

Team Ziffity rescued the project and started providing a holistic managed services solution starting from version upgrades and new feature implementation.

Version Upgrade

Team Ziffity upgraded the brand’s eCommerce store to Adobe Commerce 2.4 to keep the store up to date and leverage the new security updates, features, and performance improvements.

Third-party Analytics

The eCommerce store has a preferred third-party analytics tool to extract meaningful insights from user behavior. To enable seamless information exchange between the store’s backend and the analytics tool, team Ziffity handles the data structuring based on a mutually agreed-upon format.

Custom Modules

To enable a great frontend experience for users, the store is using 20+ third-party modules and custom-built extensions. Team Ziffity, as the brand’s managed services partner, handles the maintenance, upgrades, and customization of these extensions, thus ensuring the best condition of the frontend features.


Managed Services

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