Walthers – eCommerce

Adobe Commerce (Magento) managed services for North America’s leading distributors of model railroad.

4,00,000 SKUs

managed via ERP integration


increase in loading speed



Distribution and Manufacturing

Tech Stack

  • ERP integration with Adobe Commerce
  • PayPal integration with Adobe Commerce
  • ELB
  • Facebook Business integration with Adobe Commerce
  • DevOps

A 90-years-old leading manufacturer
and distributor of model railroads in the U.S.A

Walthers is a century-old name in the Toys and Hobbies industry serving quality products for four generations. The legendary brand is the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of toys and model railroads in North America. Walthers is also a major distributor of model railroads and toys from other known manufacturers in the market segment.

The brand offers over 200,000 different items and railroad building accessories from over 300 manufacturers through its showrooms and online stores.


Walthers migrated from Adobe Commerce 1 to 2 to improve its eCommerce presence but couldn't pull off a flawless migration.

The migration had issues in terms of performance. The website also had room for improvements in UX and UI.

The brand wanted to perfect a couple of third-party integrations, personalize extensions by adding business-specific logic and add a few new extensions to the store.

- The brand needed a Adobe Commerce managed services partner who could recover its website from its performance bottlenecks and other shortcomings. Walthers also wanted a long-term Adobe Commerce agency partnership to support, maintain, and handle future development services.


Website Audit

To overcome the challenges faced by the website post Adobe Commerce 1 to 2 migration, team Ziffity performed a thorough audit of the website. The issues identified were categorized and prioritized to sketch a meticulously planned roadmap.

Performance Optimization

The audit showed that various factors were hindering the eCommerce store's performance. Ziffity's Adobe Commerce performance optimization experts worked on data clean-up, code optimization, and refined it to match the coding standards of Adobe Commerce. The code-level optimization made the eCommerce system light and nimble, significantly improving performance.

Version Upgrade

Team Ziffity upgraded the store from Adobe Commerce 2.3.5 to 2.4.3. By keeping up to date with the version upgrades, the store was able to benefit from performance and security improvements, fixes, and new features.

ERP Integration

The third-party ERP system of the store, which stores inventory, orders, and customer information, was tweaked to handle back ordering and check on the legitimacy of users who log in. This enabled the brand to sell products in advance even when out of stock and proactively procure such products to meet customer demands.

Facebook Business Integration

Team Ziffity enabled the brand to sell on Facebook by integrating the Facebook Business extension with the store. Walthers could show a handpicked list of products to its Facebook audience and create ads to market its limited offerings.

UI/UX Improvements

The store experienced issues in the user experience and interface front after being migrated to Adobe Commerce 1 to 2. Team Ziffity worked on perfecting the store's mobile responsiveness and reimagined web design to sort out the differences.

Security Upgrades

As a managed services partner, Ziffity ensures that every security patch and the latest security improvements are bolted into the store to keep data fortified from attacks.


With DevOps approach in place, team Ziffity was able to develop features faster and also integrate test and bring new features to market faster.

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