Travers – eCommerce

Adobe Commerce (Magento) managed services for a metalworking and industrial supply superstore.


improvement in loading speed


products managed via PIM


third-party systems integrated


customizations for improving CX




Tech Stack

  • ERP integration with Adobe Commerce
  • PIM Integration with Adobe Commerce
  • Site Search integration with Adobe Commerce
  • Fulfillment system integration with Adobe Commerce
  • Third-party payment gateway integration with Adobe Commerce
  • Marketing automation system integration with Adobe Commerce
  • DevOps

98-year-old brand in supplying quality tools
for machine shops and metalworking

Founded in 1924, Travers provides product selection and expert application support for machine shops and metalworking. Travers offers over 500,000 tools from more than 800 brands and holds a vast range of Made-in-USA products. Their product portfolio includes end mills, calipers, abrasives, micrometers, drills, deburring tools, boring bars, and more. The brand also offers services like calibration, re-sharpening and technical support.


Travers, being a heavy-duty eCommerce website with 200,000+ products in its portfolio, loads of customization, and multiple third-party system integration, was struggling with performance issues.

The brand wanted to innovate faster and bring in new features to improve customer experience but couldn’t do it at the intended pace.

The brand wanted an agency that could help fix performance issues, eliminate the existing shortcomings, perfect third-party system integration, identify areas for improvement, turn the website technically sound, and put it on the fast lane to success.


Performance Optimization

The eCommerce store’s search indexing and Adobe Commerce indexing were facing issues which caused heavy server stress resulting in longer waiting times for customers while searching for products, purchasing and so on.

Owing to the indexing issues, the changes made in the product portfolio like a new product inclusion, the date in the frontend will not be up to date. Also, issues in Adobe Commerce indexing kept the server preoccupied, having a heavy toll on the store’s loading speed. By overcoming these challenges Ziffity performance optimization experts were able to significantly reduce the loading time (4x).

Coding Refactoring

Ziffity’s certified Adobe Commerce experts examined the code and refactored code to eliminate outdated code, locate issuers faster, identify areas of improvement and improve coding standards.


Our development team came up with Pipeline deployment on Adobe adopting a DevOps approach which helped in eliminating manual errors and easy to build, test and deploy new features faster.


Quick Order - The out-of-the-box feature ‘Quick Order’ offered by Adobe Commerce was completely revamped.

React JS - Product listing pages (PLP) and Category listing pages (CLP) were customized using React JS, which helped in achieving a flashy loading speed.

Product Pricing -Using live APIs the store was able to provide dynamic pricing of the products including coupon and contract prices.

Custom Grouping - The product listing page was customized to build a ‘Custom Grouping’ feature which helped in grouping products having similar attributes, belonging to related categories or same brands. The custom grouping feature enabled users to skim through thousands of products easily based on relevant groups (group names) and find those they are looking for faster.

Customer Dashboard - The customer dashboard was customized to fetch data based on real-time API calls, which enabled users to view their entire order history, like orders placed in the physical store and website, in a holistic view.

Customer Handling - Consumers can log in with registered B2B customer IDs to get all the exclusive benefits associated with their account.

Price Information - Pricing for products was shown to customers through live API calls. This enabled the store to dynamically display the tiered pricing based on the account’s ID.

Third-party Integration

Apart from maintaining the middleware that communicates with Adobe Commerce and ERP and PIM systems, team Ziffity perfected various other third-party systems that were directly integrated with Adobe Commerce. It includes site search, payment gateways, fulfillment systems, taxation, and marketing automation tools.

Feedback reporting

A quick feedback reporting feature was developed to gather information directly from the buyers in areas like ‘Search’, ‘Content’, ‘Functionality’ and bolted to all the website pages. The feedback gathered at the storefront will directly be reported as tickets helping the managed services team to resolve issues quickly.


  • Adobe Commerce Managed Services
  • New feature developments

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