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Building the B2B2C eCommerce store for a cosmetic ingredients manufacturer from the ground up.



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Tech Stack

  • ERP integration with Adobe Commerce

USA’s leading raw material manufacturer
for cosmetics

Letsmakebeauty is the eCommerce arm presence of Presperse, a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic ingredients and formulae for beauty and personal care products. With 42 years of market presence, Presperse is one of the trusted partners for the world's best beauty brands. The brand offers 400+ premium ingredients for categories like skincare, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics, and other areas across beauty and wellness. Presperse is known for its quality and sustainability. The brand produces safe-to-use and easily disposable ingredients for beauty products.


Presperse wanted to provide digital buying convenience for their customer base, which they’ve been catering to through their offline supply chain network. The brand wanted to build its eCommerce initiative under a separate brand name, ‘Letsmakebeauty’.

Apart from catering to its B2B buyers, the brand also wanted to offer high-quality cosmetic ingredients for buyers who prefer to buy in low quantities. To facilitate Indie buyers, the brand’s majority customers, team Ziffity opted to build a B2B2C website.


Adobe Commerce Implementation

Considering the brand’s future growth, appetite to innovate, and personalization requirements, Ziffity chose Adobe Commerce Cloud, a platform that offers excellent scalability and customizability. Using the platform’s out-of-the-box features, Ziffity’s Adobe Commerce Cloud implementation team built the store from the ground up with all the necessary functionalities the brand wanted to offer its customers.

B2B-centric Features

The brand’s core agenda is to cater to B2B buyers. To facilitate the complexity in B2B buying, team Ziffity leveraged the core functionalities of Adobe Commerce Cloud to build B2B-specific features like:

Account Approval - A mechanism to add eligibility for corporate customers to buy via admin-controlled approval. Administrators can review a registration done using their corporate tax numbers and send notification emails to keep them informed about the approval status.

Restriction - Users who have not registered with the store or whose account registration still needs to be approved by the admin team will be restricted from checkout.

Restrictions - The brand wanted to restrict access to specific product data like technical information and safety data sheets. Guest users who try to access data sheets will be notified to log in or register an account.

Loyalty Program

The brand wanted to build a loyalty program to reward loyal customers and encourage users to buy more. Team Ziffity created a loyalty program that classifies customers into four categories based on their value and frequency of purchase.


The loyalty program was built as a points-based system that rewards customers with service and product benefits in exchange for the reward points earned.

Team Ziffity built the categorizing logic and provisions for customers to know the free services and products they are eligible for. Members were also given a paid membership upgrade feature to access free services and products quickly.

ERP Integration

The brand had a third-party ERP system to manage its inventory, product data, internal operations, and customer outreach programs. Team Ziffity integrated the ERP system with the store’s backend and established seamless communication between the two systems through APIs.

Site Search

With various ingredients, products, and raw materials on offer, the brand wanted to make sure customers could find what they were looking for easily through search. Team Ziffity built a site search engine where users can search products based on keywords, benefits, products, and categories.

The site search also features suggestions of popular products for users to quickly jump into their preferred popular product and narrow down their search from there. Upon keying the search term, relevant results will appear with the top three suggestions tagged with images and product descriptions.

Layered Navigation

To simplify the search in product listing pages, team Ziffity provided a layered navigation. Team Ziffity gave filters for the faceted search system based on criteria like ‘Functions’, ‘Benefits’, and ‘Labeling Claims’. The product listing page was given the infinite scroll feature so that users can also search by scrolling manually.

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