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Tech Stack

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Dialogflow API
  • PHP

Fragrance manufacturer for personal
care and air care

Our client is one of the leading brands that manufactures fine fragrances for personal care and scented aromatic products for commerce and domestic needs. The brand holds a wide range of products across categories like perfumes, scented oils, candles, sprays, wax melts, and diffusers.


As the brand enjoys a loyal brand community on social media, it wanted to turn its social handles into a more engaging space for its customers.

The brand wanted to provide a guided selling kind of experience to recommend fragrances as per users' preferences.

The brand was looking for AI experts to spearhead its chatbot initiative on Facebook Messenger.


AI Chatbot

Considering the brand's requirements, team Ziffity leveraged the Facebook Messenger chatbot platform to build a conversational UI bot to provide product recommendations based on user preferences.

Chatbot Script

Team Ziffity determined the workflows and devised scripts for each specific use case - 'Fragrance Stylist' (guided selling), 'Claim My Coupon', 'What's New' (notification for new arrivals), and 'Inspire'.

Guided Selling

An emoji and image-based quiz were designed to make the guided selling feature attractive and engaging. For every question the Facebook Messenger bot asks, users can provide inputs by choosing the emoji and visual image options provided.

The bot would provide suggestions based on the inputs. Customers can view product demo videos and descriptions in the bot and also checkout quickly using the 'Buy Now' button.

Value Added Services

The bot was also facilitated with features for users to claim coupons for product purchases and get notified of the launch of new fragrances and product collections.

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