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Build a robust and experience-driven online store faster with Magento.

Take full advantage of the eCommerce platform built for businesses of all sizes and offers 100 percent customizability, enabling merchants like you to weave personalized digital experiences.As a Magento development agency with an Adobe Silver Solution partnership, we help you leverage the B2B and B2C suites of the platform to accommodate your complex business logic and also provide enough room for future innovation.Our hands-on experience in the platform enables us to serve requirements like implementation, integration, migration, and customization, irrespective of your eCommerce maturity. Managing and maintaining your eCommerce store on Magento and bringing new feature releases faster to market demand a dedicated team. We can serve as your team's extended arm and offload your support and maintenance responsibilities.

Magento Development Company

Magento Development

With a team of 60+ certified Adobe Commerce developers, we ensure the highest quality in the coding standard across all our Magento development services. Our multi-industry experience serving renowned brands in the B2B and B2C segments enables us to solve your eCommerce challenges. Our Magento development services for clients across the USA, UK and Europe have helped them to grow their ROI and innovate to stay ahead of the technology curve in the digital landscape.

End-to-end Magento development services

Our full spectrum of Magento eCommerce solutions cater to your every eCommerce need.

Magento Implementation

Magento Implementation

Build a technically strong and stable online store with our expertise in Adobe Commerce platform development.

Magento UI Development

Magento UI Development

Deliver user experience that matters. Build Magento themes or custom themes that are appealing, responsive and engage customers.

Magento B2B Development

Simplify B2B operations and workflows with the eCommerce platform’s B2B suite. Our Magento B2B development expertise lets you customize Magento to easily manage tired pricing, company accounts, quotes, purchase order approvals etc.

Magento B2C Development

Build intuitive and personalized customer experience. Our Magento B2C development services let you innovate rapidly and bring products and features to market faster. We enable you to leverage the eCommerce platform’s customizability to the fullest.

Extensions Development

Magento Extensions Development

Build custom Magento modules to improve your management capabilities and customer convenience significantly.

Custom Magento Development

Custom Magento 2 Development

Customize existing functionalities, build new features, and perform code refactoring for better efficiency.

Omnichannel Commerce

Combine a wide range of your digital sales channels and physical store. Make use of the intelligence that an omnichannel environment provides to personalize experience across online and offline channels. A neatly integrated omnichannel system enables maximum ROI.

Headless Commerce

Experience the advantage of combining your preferred CMS and Magento’s commerce features. With Magento’s Headless Commerce support, we can make your store more content-rich and experience-driven and improve conversions significantly.

Magento Upgrade

Magento Upgrade

Up your eCommerce game by regularly upgrading to the latest versions of Magento. We can also get your store migrated from Magento 1 to 2.

PWA App Development

PWA App Development

Experience loading speed in under 2 seconds and improved search engine rankings for your mobile web pages.

Why Magento platform?

Diverse Offerings

Adobe Commerce offers exclusive suites for B2B and B2C market segments. Adobe Commerce provides two premium offerings Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud. It also provides Magento Open Source, the community-led version of the eCommerce platform.


The Magento platform is known for its customizability. The eCommerce platform is 100% customizable, which enables store owners to build custom Magento themes and deliver personalized user experience.


The Magento platform is supported by a vast development community. The marketplace of the eCommerce platform’s open-source version offers loads of free and paid extensions built by certified developers. The platform releases frequent versions, upgrades and security enhancements.

SEO Features

Magento has all essential and advanced SEO features built-in. Features customizable titles, anchor text for anchor links, canonical URLs, Rich Snippets, XML Sitemap, and Page builder and quick integration with Google marketing and tracking tools provide an edge over other eCommerce platforms.


Magento platform’s wide range of security features enables store owners to stay fortified against cyber attacks. With every version upgrade, the platform offers security patches for older versions besides rolling out new features. The platform’s security scan tool enables the admin to scan, monitor and fix issues faster.

User Experience

Deliver exceptional user experience in your store with the headless commerce support of Magento platform. To build an experience-led store, you can go headless and integrate any CMS of your choice at the frontend. You can also choose from a wide range of pre-built Magento themes.

Leverage the expertise of an experienced Magento development company for your digital initiatives.

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US Electrical – eCommerce
US Electrical – eCommerce

< 3 seconds loading time for a B2B2C eCommerce store

Dynojet – eCommerce
Dynojet – eCommerce

100% increase in revenue within 3 months of launch

Fox Chapel – eCommerce
Fox Chapel – eCommerce

35% increase in revenue migrating from Magento 1 to 2

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why choose Magento Commerce?

    Magento is one of the leaders in the eCommerce solutions space. Backed by a global community of 300,000+ developers and 1,150+ solution partners, the chances for you to get high-quality Magento eCommerce solutions are more likely.

    It provides rich, out-of-the-box B2C/B2B eCommerce features, the page builder for content management, unrivaled ability to customize, and offers seamless third-party integrations. Add-ons include order management, business intelligence, product recommendation, product information management, ElasticSearch, and more.

    Can Magento help deliver consistency in an omnichannel environment?

    Magento offers complete omnichannel support. Ziffity’s Magento ecommerce development services aim at unlocking the platform’s full omnichannel potential. It includes POS integration, third-party marketplace integration (Amazon, eBay), eCommerce store, B2B portals and also supports headless approach.

    How can Ziffity help in Magento Implementation?

    We are the 4th top contributor for Magento in 2021. As a Magento Development company with 26+ certified Magento developers in its in-house team, we bring the best coding standards to your table.

    With 9+ years of experience and 1500+ sprint releases under our belt, we can help you sail through the implementation project.

    Our industry experience includes fashion, electrical distribution, furniture, home decor, jewelry, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, agri, merchandising, publishing, food, education, nursery & manufacturing.

    We have performed Magento implementations for brands like USESI, Dynojet, IT Sugar, Sour Patch Kids, Kurt Keiger, Franklin Empire, and Fox Chapel.

    What is your approach to implementation?

    Our Magento Development services start with discovery, which includes 5 workshops, one each for Commerce, Content, Channel, Customer (marketing), and Creatives. From there, we guide you through the agile development phase and then to go live. Once the site is live, we help manage it as well.

    How does the engagement model work?

    Depending on the amount of clarity we have on the scope of Magento ecommerce development services, we can decide on the engagement type. If the level of uncertainty/complexity is high, we can engage in a retainer deal, wherein we provide a dedicated team of consultants and bill on a monthly basis. Else we do offer fixed price engagements.

    How much time overlap will there be between us?

    While most of the Magento development team is based out of India, we have relationship manager/solution specialists onshore. So, from that sense, you do have full overlap. With respect to the technical team, you will have an overlap till 2 pm EST. In case of emergency, you can always reach out to the onshore team for help.

    What if we want to do our own creatives?

    It's not an issue. You can either have your in-house team or a creative agency you like. We collaborate well in multi-vendor scenarios. You can provide us with the style/brand guide and finalized design files, and we will take care of the UI implementation part of your Magento eCommerce development project.

    What if I have not decided on Magento yet?

    No problem. We can provide a demo of the platform. We also introduce you to Magento folks in your region. We provide a competitive platform analysis if required (Shopify, Oracle, Bigcommerce, Hybris) and will guide you through the entire process of selecting a platform so you can make an informed and independent decision.

    What about my search ranking?

    When we begin implementation, we look at things from a 360-degree perspective. Be it marketing, design, or technology. During discovery and through the project, we will have our marketing consultants as a part of the engagement, guiding us on how to sustain the search ranking.

    After go-live will you be able to help us increase sales?

    As an eCommerce and Cloud agency, we offer digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, social marketing, email marketing, lead management (B2B), eCommerce funnel analysis, paid media metrics, and branding. We have helped some of our clients, increase sales up to 40% after go-live.

    Will you be able to integrate Magento with our ERP system?

    As long as the ERP provides some form of connectivity via SOAP/Rest APIs/Message Queues, we can. For more information refer to our Integration services FAQs.

    Should I go with a separate PIM for implementation or use the catalog manager from Magento?

    It depends. If there are a lot of channels (Marketing, eCommerce, POS, Print, Kiosk, Customer Services, CPQ/Sales, DAM, ERP) consuming product information, it is better to have a separate PIM system (like Akeneo). Using a PIM system, you can centralize all your product information to avoid duplication, human-errors, and delays to market/launch. If your primary usage is eCommerce, then it is better to stick with the Magento catalog manager.

    Can I change my scope of work in a fixed priced engagement?

    Yes you can. Business environment today has become very dynamic & agile, things change very rapidly, so we do understand when you come up with a change, we allow you to swap one feature for the other. In case there is no room to squeeze in the changes, we raise a ‘change request’ and let you know how much it will cost additionally.

    How does the creative process work?

    Below diagram explains the steps involved, contributing parties and deliverables you would get at the end of the creative workshop.

    How does the creative process work?
    How about an onsite creative workshop?

    It is certainly possible. Our default pricing is for a web-meeting-based creative workshop. In case you wish to have someone or the entire team on site for an in-person workshop, we will factor in the local resource, travel and accommodation cost in our proposal.

    How does the project communication happen?

    During the discovery phase, which is typically 2 to 4 weeks, we insist on having daily web meets. Post discovery, depending on the need, it would boil down to once or twice a week. And also, a monthly steering committee meeting, which would involve all senior stakeholders from both ends, to discuss progress and client satisfaction.

    Apart from calls, communication will happen via emails, Slack, Jira, and Confluence.

    What project tools would you use? Who would bear the license cost?

    From an Agile project management perspective, we prefer Jira and Confluence. If you already have the license, you can onboard the Ziffity team. Else, you will need to secure one. In case you are comfortable with some other tool, that is fine too.

    Apart from Jira and Confluence, you will have to provide access to Magento admin, server access, version control, Google Analytics, sample test accounts, and pre-existing documentation, if any.

    How do you address concerns & escalations?

    Anytime you are not happy with us, you can escalate to your project manager. In the event you are not satisfied with the remedial measures taken, you can connect with your relationship manager. If that doesn’t work, you can send an email to Our current “escalation” to “completed sprint” metric is at less than 1.5%.

    What about hosting services for Magento?

    We work with various hosting partners like AWS, Webscale, Majemojo, Nexcess, Rackspace, Magento Commerce Cloud, among others. Whoever is your provider, our DevOps/Cloud engineers will collaborate with them to make sure your application is performing well, secure, and has high up-time.

    How does the payment terms work?

    Invoices will be raised at the beginning of each month for the preceding month’s effort. Both in the case of a retainer and fixed priced project, our standard payment term is net 15 days, and we prefer receipt of payment via wire transfer.

    Does Ziffity have experience with Magento Commerce Cloud?

    Ziffity is one of the early solution providers on Magento Commerce Cloud and has launched brands like ExpressMed, Foxchapel, Superbreakers, Earthlite, Dynojet, among others. Our certified cloud consultants will work closely with Magento to on-board your brand to Commerce Cloud.

    Ziffity’s expectation from its customers?

    The reason we call our engagement with our customers a partnership is because contributions from both parties are required to make it work. We want our customers to provide the necessary time for the project in terms of meetings, inputs, content, and user acceptance tests.

    Ideally, provide a single-point-of-contact, so it is easier to coordinate things, maintain a within-24-hours turnaround on queries, and provide access to required systems/servers. That’s pretty much it is. We take the rest of the load.

    Of course, if the job is done well, we would like you to spread a word about Ziffity, and if you are not camera-shy, provide us a video testimonial.

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