Magento Migration

Magento Migration – 6 Reasons Why You Should

Highly Scalable and Effortless Checkout

Magento 2 has a highly scalable yet simple checkout. By migrating to Magento 2, you can process 50,000+ orders per hour. The entire checkout process is simplified to just 2 steps and gets even better with automatic email recognition, streamlined guest user checkout and more.

Built for Blistering Page Speeds

Magento 2 contributes for faster page loading speed of product, category and home page. The improved standalone database and built-in systems like Full Page Cache, Varnish Cache and AJAX precompilation lead to faster page loading and ability to accommodate more page views and orders.

Backend Personalization and Insights

Get to know key business intelligence like order history, frequently searched and most viewed products, average order value, new customers and more in a single view. Personalize admin panel for each user to perform individual tasks faster with easy-to-use drag and drop options.

3rd party integrations made easy

With Magento 2, integrating with 3rd party tools for order management, product information management and systems like CRM and ERP is a breeze. Improve your management prowess by bringing in added capabilities through 3rd party system integration.

Faster Version and Security Upgrades

Keep evolving on the run and with minimal efforts as with Magento 2, installing patches and upgrades is easy. Your Magento 2 store can upgrade to new versions, stay secured and leverage on latest features of Magento 2 by installing frequently rolled out upgrades easily.

Personalize Customer Experience

Implement your customer experience personalization strategies right away with Magento 2. Your efforts to up-sell, cross-sell, provide personalized discounts and payment methods are now a breeze. Start converting better by personalizing contents for your customers.

Easy evaluation pointers to hire Magento developers

Magento certification

Hiring a developer with Magento certification is a great advantage for a developer because it ensures strict adherence to best practices, the know-how of features and functionalities of the CMS platform.

Projects exposure

Developers who have worked on challenging projects with tight deadlines must have gathered great insights and expertise. This could also mean that they are aware of feature-differences between Magento versions like Enterprise, Community and how to use them extensively.

Industry relevance

Go through the websites in the developer’s portfolio and check if it is relevant to your industry. The more relevant the developer’s experience to your industry, the less will be the turnaround time to understand and implement the requirements and have easy workarounds to tough challenges.

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