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Leverage the latest innovations from Magento.

Migrate your enterprise business’ Magento store from 1.x to 2.x to leverage faster performance and heightened security. As an enterprise business looking to grow and innovate, your store needs advanced features and personalized experiences.Migrating to the latest version of Magento 2 (now Adobe Commerce) means you gain access to the latest innovations from the platform in customer experience and administrator capabilities. Magento migration is gearing up towards delightful customer experience and better eCommerce prowess. If you are looking for an official Magento partner to handle your Magento 1 to 2 migration, Ziffity can help.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

Why is Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration a necessity?

Magento 1.x end of life

Magento ended support for the 1.x version on June 30, 2020, limiting access for security upgrades and key improvements made till now.

PCI compliance

An eCommerce store operating on a platform that its vendor no longer supports violates PCI security standards. The store will attract penalties and denial to accept credit card payments.

Agency bottleneck

Brands will find it difficult to race against fellow Magento 1.x users in finding the right Magento partner agency to handle their Magento 1 to 2 migration.

Benefits of migrating from Magento 1 to 2

Our Magento 2
Migration Services

Plan the roadmap and budget for your Magento migration with our experts.

Magento 1 to Magento 2

Leverage the latest improvements of Magento by moving from Magento 1 to 2. Go to market faster with minimal downtime. Our migration experts can have every single crucial data moved right from custom code to 3rd-party extensions quickly.

Open Source to Commerce

Migrating from Magento Open Source to Commerce or Commerce Cloud is challenging and demands the same effort as Magento 1 to 2 migration. At Ziffity, we bring to the table our hands-on experience of working on both versions to ensure safe and quick migration.

Cross-platform migration services

Migrate from a 3rd-party eCommerce infrastructure to Magento 2. Our Magento certified developers, in addition to quick Magento migration, can provide post-migration support to make your Magento 2 onboarding experience a breeze.

BigCommerce to Magento

Migrate from BigCommerce to Magento to gain the advantage of ultimate flexibility. Our Magento migration experts can help you overcome the challenges of migrating your data from a SaaS to a monolithic environment.

Shopify to Magento

Migrate from Shopify or Shopify Plus to Magento to accommodate complex customization in your store. Our phased approach ensures all your data is migrated securely and also finds alternative extensions for your Shopify apps.

SFCC to Magento

Migrate from SFCC to Magento to experience an equally sturdy and flexible platform at a lower TCO. Our certified Magento experts stage a quick migration process to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your team.

WooCommerce to Magento

Replatform from WooCommerce to Magento to facilitate your growing challenges like scalability, performance, heightened security, etc.; from data to custom code, we can migrate your old assets to Magento and also integrate third-party systems.

OpenCart to Magento

Migrate to a more evolved, secured, and highly scalable platform that suits your growing business needs. With our technical expertise in Magento migration, we ensure a fast and secure move with minimal downtime.

Migrate from custom-built systems

Migrate your custom-built eCommerce on PHP or .NET to Magento. Leveraging the open-source core and the integration compatibility of Magento, we can recreate all features and functionalities on a more secure and scalable infrastructure.

Our Magento 2 Migration Process

  • step 1 Process set up
  • Magento 2 setup step 2
  • step 3 Review custom modules &
    3rd-party extensions
  • Check extension compatibility step 4
  • step 5 Perform custom changes in
    the Data Migration Tool
  • Initiate the migration steps step 6
  • step 7 Design (Theme) integration
  • Extension integration step 8
  • step 9 Build Custom module
  • Configuration and setup step 10
  • step 11 Testing
  • Get consent from merchant
    for migration
    step 12
  • step 13 Switch Magento 1 to
    maintenance mode
  • Initiate final migration step 14
  • step 15 Perform system integration
  • Getting prepared for go-live step 16
  • step 17 Turn off Magento 1.x and
    turn on Magento 2.x

Accelerate your Magento 2 migration process with a team of
Magento-certified experts.

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Faster time to market

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Minimal downtime

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Zero data loss

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Lightweight coding

Heightened security

Heightened security

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why Magento 2.0?

    We have a number of articles written around Magento 2.0 migration, here are some.

    Benefits of migrating to Magento 2

    Why Magento 2 Migration Would Be The Best Thing For Your eCommerce Business

    How to migrate to Magento 2.0?

    Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – A Quick Guide

    Magento 2.0 for B2B Industry

    What makes Magento 2.0 Development a winner for B2B commerce?

    When is the right time to migrate?

    Magento 2 migration – 2 new reasons that make migration an urgency

    How much does it cost to migrate?

    This article will provide you a broad idea about license and agency costs. Magento 2 migration – How much does it cost to migrate your store to Magento 2?

    Will my SEO rankings get affected after Magento 2 migration?

    With proper SEO-specific precautions, we can ensure that your SEO rankings remain unaffected. All our estimates for the Magento migration project include a section for SEO related work, wherein we understand the current state, plan & executive to sustain the ratings.

    What will happen to my data when Magento 2 migration happens?

    All your data will be migrated to Magento 2 website. Magento officially provides a ‘Data Migration Tool’, which we use to migrate your eCommerce store’s data from Magento 1 to 2. Some data structures could have changed because of your customizations. But all those will be taken care of as part of the migration process.

    Will Magento 2 migration affect site performance?

    No. The site performance will not get affected, assuming the infrastructure/traffic pre and post-migration remains unchanged. In fact, the performance should improve due to an improved Magento 2 platform.

    Can you migrate extension data from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    Yes, absolutely. Some will be taken care of when you upgrade the individual extension from 1 to 2, assuming version 2.0 for the same extension is available. Wherever you are replacing the old extension with a new one or plan to use a built-in Magento feature from 2.0 instead, it might require some manual data migration effort. Either way, it is possible to migrate.

    What happens to all my existing integrations?

    Well, the whole idea behind the migration project is to study each of these integration touchpoints and see how they will perform on Magento 2.0, some of them will work readily, some might need additional effort to make it work. Every integration touchpoint will go through rigorous testing to make sure they are good for go-live.

    What if I need a new design as part of Magento 2.0 migration?

    Very much possible. We can include the pricing for creative design as part of the migration project.

    We can set up two separate teams. While one team works on the new design, another performs discovery on migration. This will speed-up time-to-market.

    We recommend our customers to go for a creative refresh along with migration. That way, it is just not a tech upgrade; it also adds business value in terms of fresh design and better user experience.

    Does Ziffity have experience in Magento migration work?

    We have migrated all our existing Magento 1 customers to Magento 2 successfully. We have signed many more new customers on migration. So far, we’ve maintained a 100% track record on customer satisfaction. If you are looking for an agency to move to Magento 2, look no further. We are a Magento shop for last 7 years, Adobe silver solution partner, and world #3 on Magento platform contribution.

    What if I am not happy with the work done by Ziffity?

    We believe in de-risking our customers, and hence provide one-month-performance-check-clause. During the first month of the engagement, if you are not happy with our work, communication, or any part of the partnership, you are free to disengage with Ziffity. You don’t have to pay us anything for the work done so far. In other words, we waive-off your liability to us.

    How much time overlap will there be between us?

    While most of the development team is based out of India, we do have relationship manager/solution specialists onshore. So from that sense, you do have full overlap. With respect to the technical team, you will have an overlap till 2 pm EST. In case of emergency, you can always reach out to the onshore team for help.

    What if we want to do our own creatives?

    Absolutely not an issue. You can deploy your in-house team or a creative agency you like; we collaborate well in multi-vendor scenarios. You can provide us the style/brand guide and finalized design files, and we will do the UI implementation.

    How does the project communication happen?

    During the discovery phase, which is typically 2 to 4 weeks, we insist on having daily web meets. Post discovery, depending on the need, it would boil down to once or twice a week. And also, a monthly steering committee meeting, which would involve all senior stakeholders from both ends, to discuss progress and client satisfaction. Apart from calls, communication will happen via emails, Slack, Jira, and Confluence.

    What project tools would you use? Who would bear the license cost?

    From an Agile project management perspective, we prefer Jira and Confluence. If you already have the license, you can on-board Ziffity team. Else you will need to secure one. In case you are comfortable with some other tool, that is fine too.

    Apart from Jira, Confluence, you will have to provide access to Magento admin, server access, version control, Google Analytics, sample test accounts, pre-existing documentation, if any.

    How do you address concerns & escalations?

    Anytime you are not happy with us, you can escalate to your project manager, in the event you are not satisfied with the remedial measures taken, you can connect with your relationship manager. If that doesn’t work, you can send an email to Our current “escalation” to “completed sprint” metric is at less than 1.5%.

    What about hosting services for Magento?

    We work with various hosting partners like AWS, Webscale, Majemojo, Nexcess, Rackspace, among others. Whoever is your provider, our DevOps/Cloud engineers collaborate with them to make sure your application is performing well, secure, and has high up-time.

    How does the payment terms work?

    Invoices will be raised at the beginning of each month for the preceding month’s effort. Both in the case of a retainer and fixed priced project, our standard payment term is net 15 days, and we prefer receipt of payment via wire transfer.

    Ziffity’s expectation from its customers?

    The reason we call our engagement with our customers a partnership is because contributions from both parties are required to make it work. We want our customers to provide the needed time for the project in terms of meetings, inputs, content, and user acceptance tests.

    Ideally, provide single-point-of-contact, so it is easier to coordinate things, maintain a within-24-hours turnaround on queries, and provide access to required systems/servers. That’s pretty much it is. We’ll take care of the rest of the load.

    Of course, if the job is well done, we would like you to spread a word about Ziffity, and if you are not camera-shy, provide us a video testimonial.

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