Magento is one among the top 3 most used eCommerce platforms in the world. Magento 2 development is such a sturdy platform that even global brands like Nike, Ford Motor Co., Procter & Gamble Co., 3M, Cisco and the likes are using it for their B2B commerce operations.

Here is a look at how much volume of commerce these brands are transacting using Magento:

Companies and their annual B2B Commerce sales for 2015:

  • Ford Motor Co. – $16.71 billion
  • Nike – $13.2 billion
  • Procter & Gamble Co. – $8.97 billion
  • 3M – $8.5billion

Apart from these giant brands, there are also 650,000+ Magento stores functioning in the B2B space.

So,why Magento 2 development? What makes Magento so lucrative an option for these brands?

B2B Commerce-friendly features of Magento B2B

Magento 2 development is engineered to empower B2B enterprises to deliver a modern, intuitive and smooth purchasing process. For B2B enterprises that are already used to the offline route, Magento also paves the way for the digital transformation of legacy commerce systems.

Here are some highlight features of Magento ecommerce that makes it a winner for B2B commerce.

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Customized Pricing made easy

In B2B merchandising, each customer is unique and so are their wants. They want the products to be showcased differently and also priced to suit their budget limits.

Spreadsheets and word processors cannot help achieve a level of efficiency that B2B marketers would expect. Magento eCommerce helps assign custom catalogs and price rates for each individual customer that takes care of the entire purchase journey – from proforma invoice to final invoice.

Comprehensive Company Account Management

Magento eCommerce enables traversing the many levels of procurement layers found in enterprises. Customers can also track order statuses, punch new orders, monitor credit lines, assign buyer roles and permissions and much more using built-in self-service tools.

One-touch Bulk ordering

Unlike B2C commerce where the orders are transactional in nature, B2B buying usually happens in bulk quantities. Magento 2 development makes it easy to process bulk orders. Additionally, there is also an option to set up bulk discounts. The magento eCommerce platform has flexible rules for a shopping cart, catalog management, and product management which makes it easy to process bulk orders seamlessly.

Quick Ordering

B2B businesses need to address customer requisitions on the fly. The luxury of time to create fresh orders for similar orders or replenishment is not there. Magento’s quick ordering facility ensures that orders can be quickly created from saved shopping lists or pre-built templates.

Simple, functional & Interactive CMS

Magento 2 development offers maximum flexibility and visual-friendliness in merchandising. The Visual Merchandiser feature enables B2B merchants to showcase their products with proper categorization, visual elegance and simple navigation.All this and much more can be done using Magento 2 development with minimal steps like drag-and-drop.

Mobile-readiness for the mobile generation

Mobile commerce has become a mandate than an option for B2B players. According to Hybris report, 54% of B2B customers are using mobile devices to research and buy products online. Magento eCommerce users are primarily business owners who want to make purchase requisitions on the go, from the place where they are, with the device they have. Magento’s mobile-readiness also helps deliver an advantage SEO that is native to mobile-responsive websites.

Built-in reports for quick decision making

With 75 built-in reports and many other customizable report templates for, Magento Commerce is a B2B retailer’s best friend. The interactive report presentation in the form of charts and graphs helps make quick decisions out of an otherwise mathematical mayhem of numbers.

Final Thoughts

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