Magento Support Services

Ziffity’s Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Bug Diagnosis & Fixes

Our team thoroughly reviews eCommerce stores to find existing and potential bugs in coding or third-party extensions. We handle bugs as and when diagnosed to ensure smooth functioning of your Magento store.

Performance Testing

We carry out page loading time tests and server load tests to remove performance bottlenecks using techniques like caching, compression, JS Bundling, CSS minification, server optimization and more.

Security Patch Updates

Ziffity keeps your Magento store updated with the latest security patches released from Magento’s stable to avoid security vulnerabilities. We perform security upgrades for stores migrated to Magento 2 from Magento 1 or 3rd-party platforms.

Critical Support

Our dedicated critical response team can chip in to rescue any underperforming eCommerce stores due to malware attacks, server issues or any unexpected traffic fluctuations.

Platform Upgrades

Our team ensures your store gets upgraded to the newest version as and when they are released to leverage the full potential of Magento.

Named Account & Project Manager

Our Magento experts will always be available for handling issues and we have a dedicated point of contact for you to raise tickets, clarify doubts, report issues or even plan new development or customization.

Why choose Ziffity for Magento Support Services?

We believe there is a better way of managing product information. We hate spreadsheets as much as you do. We’re PIM experts and passionate about delivering nothing the best Akeneo PIM Service you can ask for.

Priority Response

Our priority-based response system helps you mark issues with priority levels like high, medium and low before you report to us. This helps us delegate resources smartly and get things done quickly.


With our Magento support services, you will never have to worry about anything going wrong. Be it holiday season or an end-of-season sale, our round-the-clock team will be prepared to cater to any technical challenges that your Magento eCommerce store encounters.

Quick Turnaround

We have structured our team in such a way that we have an expert (coders, analysts, consultants, server experts, cloud engineers and project leads) reserved to take on every challenge your website might face. This enables our dedicated support teams to address your queries faster and provide results in quick turnaround time.

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